Friday, May 05, 2006

It is Friday and it has been a GREAT DAY!!! I have been busy since my feet hit the ground this morning at 7:30 a.m.

I knew that I had to take our muscular cat, Simon to the vet this morning!! He needed his shots. I tried to take him about 6 weeks ago but after chasing him all over the house, catching him and trying to SHOVE him into the carrier with no luck...I gave up!I called the vet in total despair and cancelled that appointment. I was sweating and he was mad. Was I looking forward to this morning...NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!

I finally came up with a plan. I would put Simon on the front porch which is screened in. He cannot get outside or back inside that way. Next I would go get the cat carrier. Then I got a big beach towel.

I got out on the front porch, grabbed Simon with one hand by the nap of his neck, one hand had the BIG beach towel in it. I put the beach towel over his face and covered as much of his body as I could then as nicely as I could "stuffed" him into the cat carrier which I put standing with the door up!! IT WORKED!! I was so HAPPY!! I got him in the carrier on the FIRST TRY! I could hardly believe that I had accompolished such a great task!! WOW!!

He was not a "Happy Camper" to say the least but I made it to the Vet. While there I talked to my vet about our other sweetheart of a cat, Lucy.

Now Lucy has never seen a stranger and loves everyone, but she does not know about the litter box. Oh, she did for about a year and a half and then suddenly one day she decided that she no longer needed to use it!! Hmmm...That does not delight this "kitty kat" Mommy at all!!

I have tried so many things. My vets advice is that it is strictly behaviorial!! She has put my little Lucy on valium!! Yes, my little red head is on DRUGS!!

I came home and gave her the 1/2 tablet as instructed. About an hour later I noticed that Lucy was having an awful time with her back legs. Then the more I watched her I realized that she was DRUNK!! That medicine had just hit her and she was having the worst time. She was trying to meow to me, like...."WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME'' I felt SO sorry for her but at the same time it turned into funny too!! You know how it is when someone falls and you are trying to help them then it tickles your funny bone and you start laughing? Well, that is exactly what happened to me.

She was just going sideways and falling down!! Poor Lucy!! I decided to try to feed her. She ate like she had not seen food in a LONG time. Finally about 30 minutes later she laid down and slept some of that drug off.

I called my vet...We are halfing the regular dose. I will let you know if it helps her. She is such a sweetheart. Here at this house...WE LOVE LUCY!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Poor Lucy....hopes she gets over her "problem" soon. Miss you.

Jennifer said...

That reminds me of the day we had our cats spayed/neutered. They came home drunk as skunks and wobbled all over the house...we were in stitches!!! They were so funny!!
Kudos on stuffing Samson in the carrier. It's one of those jobs that's MUCH easier said than done!!
Love you! :)

Maggie Ann said...

Poor Lucy! Hope the meds 'cure' her for you. Ah, prescriptions...the blessing and the curse of side effects! Your cats are pretty as a picture.