Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thirteen Things I Like about being a Grandmother

  1. Being a grandmother....I can always give these precious ones back to their parents!!
  2. Being a grandmother....has been my biggest JOY in LIFE!!
  3. Being a grandmother...shows me what I did wrong with my own children.
  4. Being a grandmother...lets me try, "ONE MORE TIME" at getting things right!!
  5. Being a grandmother...lets me slow down and watch this time around!!
  6. Being a grandmother...lets me remember when my first granddaughter was born, and how I cried. Now I see her at almost 17 and how she is turning into a lovely young woman. Free Advice: Enjoy your children while they are still young!!
  7. Being a grandmother...Lets you take your grandchild and look at a flower closer You can examine a butterfly with a different perspective . It lets you see the wonder in their eyes as they discover those cute bugs and the acorns that you never pay attention too.
  8. Being a grandmother....Brings you more hugs and kisses than you thought you would ever have in a million years.
  9. Being a grandmother....Earns you tons of homemade drawings with you and your grandchild on every piece of paper. You will cherish them for years.Being a grandmother....Helps you to realize WHY you had your children WHILE you were young.
  10. Being a grandmother...Makes you understand WHY your grandmother had so many snacks like chocolate cookies always on hand (and sugarless gum in your purse).
  11. Being a grandmother...Makes your heart and life fill with pride when you find out that they are all in exceptional classes and are at the top of their classes (where did they get that from?)
  12. Being a grandmother...Lastly...and sadly...IT MAKES YOU TIRED!!! BUT WORTH IT ALL!!!


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Peggy said...

This list is so true! I consider grandchildren to be my reward for having kids! LOL

Maggie Ann said...

That is a sweet post...we have had lots of precious times with our 2 year old grandson already, even with them living out of state.

Lazy Daisy said...

Must be nice! Love ya....

Carolyn said...

I know -- aren't they the best? I just described the time spent with my grandson not getting any better than this. And the best part, is we can send them home at the end of the day.

Great list! thanks for stopping by. I know its getting late in the day to be visiting, but I want to visit more -- and the ones who stopped by my blog are at the top of the list.

Beckie said...

Oh Sandy, this list is wonderful. Thanks so much for coming by my announcement. Your post is such an encouragement. This is going to be a long 8 months of waiting.

Have a blessed weekend!

Beckie said...


Wystful1 said... I haven't been here for a while, and saw your comment over at Insanity Prevails and thought I'd drop by.

And being a grandma myself, reading your Thursday 13 made me melt and smile with the pride I have too!! You nailed it perfectly!! (I too have a grandchild ready to turn 17!! This month actually.) Time flies doesn't it.

And may I add one to your list? I get a kick out of my daughter raising a teenager, and remember the curfews being broken and things like that----ya know? You can sit back and smile at it all now!! Right?

Lovely post! Truly. Hope to see you over my place sometime soon. :o)

Wystful1 said...

Me again! Would you mind if I add your blog to my blogger links on my sidebar?

I just read through all your entries for the week, and so enjoyed it.

We're both kinda with the same wave link on blogging.

I'm going to go over to my template and add you, if you wish that I shouldn't add it...let me know. I want to respect privacy with anyone that feels uncomfortable, and I don't want to make you feel that way either

LOVE the prom pictures!!

Moogie said...

Does this mean I have something to look forward to? :) My kids are just 11 and 8 but are the joy of my lives. Except, I can't give them back. :)


LadyBugCrossing said...

That's the beauty of being a grandparent - you spoil them rotten and then ship them home!!

YellowRose said...

What a wonderful TT!! I look farward to the day I b ecome a Nana...but I insist it is at least another ten years!! ;o)

Have a great weekend!