Saturday, May 06, 2006


I promised pictures from lunch with the MOPS ladies and pictures that I took. I just wish that I knew how to post them as nicely as everyone else does but here goes......

This is the Tea Room....Gryphon

I have been told that it once was an old pharmacy. I have never done any research on it or looked up its history. Guess I should do that with all my "free time" smile!!!

We had a great meal which I took a picture of for Lazy Daisy. She always takes pictures of her food...right Lazy Daisy? (I think her habits are rubbing off on me)... I will not tempt you by showing it off. We had 7 of us come. We had great conversation over several pots of different kinds of tea. We all tried to get various kinds so that each one could sample them. I love the Madagascar!! I LOVE smelling the fragrances that each tea has. That is the fun of drinking tea...such wonderful smells. The fun of drinking tea for me!!

I was almost stuffed when lunch was over. Dessert was ordered but I was good and did not touch any of it!! You know even though it was pretty I was not even tempted (I WILL LOSE THIS WEIGHT)!!

We parted on a good note!! I am going to be so sad to not be able to see some of these sweet moms. Two of them are moving away!! I am hoping that they will take great memories of MOPS with them wherever they go.


YellowRose said...

What a lovely way to spend the afternoon! Great photos, thanks for sharing with us! And you passed on the dessert??? WOW!! ;o)

Maggie Ann said...

What a wonderful group! Looks like a very special time together. I've enjoyed your picture so much =)