Monday, May 08, 2006

Monday Memories

Todays Monday Memory is not a very old one. I usually write about something from my past like in years ago past but this one is very recent. I hope there is no criteria and even if there is I am not going to follow it for today!!

Today I got up and went right to CURVES early!! I knew that today was close to the 7th of the month and that is the time that I get weighed and measured!! Most months I wonder just what those "dreaded scales" are going to report!! This month I was hoping only to maintain. I knew that I had finally made it past that plateau that had me in its grips for so long (several months). I knew that I would be okay.

I was not prepared though for the surprise that I was to receive. I stepped up on those "lovely scales" (they are nice now you see) and I had lost another 2 1/2 lbs!! I was so shocked and so happy that I started jumping and hopping all over the place and yelling. We had several ladies in there most of whom I knew!! I love sharing such great news with everyone!! One of my favortie friends walked in and so I rushed over and hugged her! She was very happy for me! That is one thing that is great about Curves. You can laugh and yell and maybe even sometimes cry if you lose or gain!!

I was so happy with all my jumping and such that poor Ashley was trying to measure me. I forgot all about her with her measuring tape until finally I realized that she was trying to do just that...measure me!! Once I got myself back together I found out that I had lost more inches too...another 2 inches.

One lady that was exercising asked me when I was going to weigh in next month. I told her and she said she would be here to see me weigh in...guess I am fun to watch!! smile!!

Maybe someday soon this will be a long time ago MEMORY!! I sure hope so!! This has taken a lot of will power, patience and a lot of just plain stubborness!! I just want to look better, feel better and be able to go into a clothing store and go into the MISSES side of the store for a change!! That is my goal!!


Beckie said...

That's WONDERFUL! You must have been real good at all those wonderful restaurants you and Lazy Daisy visited. Keep up the good work and I'm looking forward to the long time ago memory.

Thanks for coming by and the fantastic advice. Pray for me because it's getting to be a struggle to let her go. Her future mother-in-law is going with us to pick out the dress.

LadyBugCrossing said...

Yippee for you!!!

Wystful1 said...

Congrats!!! Altho I'm not in the Monday Memory blogroll, I think any accomplishment like this deserves a HIGH 5

YellowRose said...

You go girl!! Congratulations on the weight loss! It is always a fun thing to step on the scale and see it go down!

Melli said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Way 2 GO girl!!! High 5's and all that! I do like "lovely scales" -- I hate those stupid ones though! LOL! You really ARE beyond your plateau! :) That is wonderful!!!

Jennifer said...

Whooohooo!! That's great!!! Keep up the great work!!
Love you! :)