Monday, March 27, 2006

I have a brother that is 3 1/2 years younger than I am and it seems like from the time that mother brought him home from the hospital we have been fighting!!

I remember the day that he was brought home. My great grandmother was with me when mother and dad brought him home. Ronald Dale is his name. I remember thinking how little he was and that this should be fun. I was to discover that once he grew up that I was in for it!!

Since I was the oldest I was the one being yelled at first. I had to remember that I was to be the responsible one. (responsibility...never have liked that word much)

We would fight so bad that sometimes my parents would just let us fight it out. Our fights just got worse the older we got.

I remember a couple of times in particular. The first time was when my brother was little. I am not sure exactly how old he was but he could not have been more than 4. He was swinging a hoe around his head. He let it go and it hit me right in the back of the head! I had a big gash!! I guess that my mother came outside and saw that and either did pass out or almost did!! I am not for sure. I cannot remember what I did but I am sure I was in a lot of pain!

A few years later Ronnie and I were playing cowboys and Indians. We, of course, were chasing each other. We had watched some TV movies or had read about cowboys and how they fight. I had seen the cowboys take their guns and hit the other cowboys in the back of the head. I guess that I just wanted to see if it worked! I am here to tell you that it does!! I whacked Ronnie right in the back of the head almost right in the same place where he had whacked me with the hoe all of those years before. My mother was not at all happy with me for that!!! Hmm!! I wonder why!!! smile!!

From then on we became teenagers and it only became worse and worse. The fighting just became more verbal and horrible. Finally we had our last fight when I was about 17!! Man that was a big one!!

Why do sibblings have to fight? I have always wondered that. (probably SIN has a lot to do with it all) Finally now we have stopped!! Well I hope so you say....I see my grandchildren and see them fight with their brothers or sisters and always feel sorry for the little girls knowing what they are going through with their little brothers. God in all his mercy knows why BIG sisters have LITTLE brothers!! Must be some good reason!!

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Peggy said...

I am the baby of the family so got picked on by 2 brothers and an a sister! thanks for stopping by my blog and I am in love with yours! Have enjoyed reading all your posts and will be back!