Tuesday, March 28, 2006


One night recently as I lay trying to get to sleep with the pain in my legs simply screaming at me the Holy Spirit was telling me "trust and obey". That phrase kept running through my mind. I finally went to sleep hearing that in my head. I had to think that God was wanting me to know that I needed to lean on Him and stop trying to take care of this pain myself.

I know that a lot of you that read my blog have pain that is WAY BEYOND what I have. I so admire you that you can still smile and make it through it.

I decided 10 years ago that I had only two choices. I could smile through all of this or I could cry. I choose to smile!!

God gives us choices. That is the way that He made us. He gave us free will and thus choices. My choice is to smile and to enjoy each day that He so freely gives to me.

  • To enjoy the great friends that He gives to me.
  • To enjoy my wonderful children and grandchildren.
  • To enjoy the beautiful Georgia days with the wonderful sunshine and beautiful flowers.
  • To enjoy the great teaching that my church/pastors brings to me every time I walk into the doors.
  • To enjoy the wonderful hugs and kisses that my faithful husband gives to me.
  • To love the great drawings that my granddaughter Madison draws for me telling me that I am the "greatest grandmother in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD".
  • To get sweet thank-you notes from some sweet MOPS mom.
  • To know that those I ask for prayer actually DO pray for me.
  • To those of you that read my blog and leave comments!!!



Mindy said...

hi there...i came over from Peggy's blog...I love your post...its so true, we must be thankful, but we also must make a choice to be thankful no matter what we may be facing, and that is indeed a hard thing to do with chronic pain...I understand this all to well! Thank you for writing this...it speaks volumes to me...God bless you!

Mindy said...

Sorry i don't think it was Peggy's blog that you were linked to...oops...

YellowRose said...

Great post!! I really enjoyed it! My Tasty Tuesday is up! Oh and I'm adding you to my blogroll! Hope you don't mind! :)

Barbara said...

Thanks for the words of inspiration! I hope the pain eases.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, just got home from sitting with Sandy's mother-in-law so they could go to an Alzhiemers's support group. She is delightful.

I wrote on solidtude today and haven't had one moment of it....how's that for irony.

You know you are always in my prayers.

Miss you!

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Sandy....
It did my heart good to read your posting! Blessings dear friend for a happy and pain free day. Marion

Kimmy said...

Yes ma'am! "Trust and Obey. There's no other way..." Absolutely!

I agree with you. I chose to smile. Why grumble and complain? Why make it worse? It's so much easier to smile. What a way to witness!

Ya know... I had a minister praying for me one day in front of our church. He said when I decided to stop sinning I would be healed from my diseases/illnesses and pain. That the only reason I was suffering was because I was a sinner. Huh? Aren't we all?! I believe I carry this burden to witness to others. To share my story and praise Him. I don't think it's a punishment. And I've come to believe that's why He wanted me to start my blog. To reach out to others. (And meet wonderful people like you!)

Maggie Ann said...

I'm so sorry about your pain. Blessings to you & a hug!

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