Friday, March 24, 2006


This morning I had the priviledge of going out to the Roberts house and holding and feeding these three precious babies.

They started out as quadtriplets last year as their parents headed out to Arizona to a hospital there that had a great success rate in caring for quads. They were hoping that mommy could carry them until Thanksgiving or hopefully till after Christmas but that was not to be. They were born on November 4th...on Daddy's birthday!! Their combined weight was 6 lbs. 11 ounces together. Two girls and two little boys.....The problems that they went through are so many that I could never write them here and even begin to get them straight. I know that we prayed for them over and over again.

I sent out emails to people that will never met them ever but feel like they know them very well by now. Around Thanksgiving one of the little sweet girls passed away. Everyone here cried as they read that little Emily did not make it. We all prayed so hard for her but God had other plans for her. He did not want her to stay with her mommy and daddy here but needed her back in Heaven. We all had to go on and keep praying for her surviving two brothers and sister.

Finally, after so many, many struggles and problems one by one the babies were able to get out of the hospital and come back to their home. Now they have finally come back here.

Kind friends have arranged for volunteers like myself to go out to their home and help to feed the babies, change them, rock them and just be so thankful to be able to look into their little precious faces and see the face of God.

When I got there everyone was asleep. I hated to have to knock on the door. The first one up was the little girl (those of you who know me know that I am very partial to little girls). Once she was changed I got to hold her). As soon as mommy put her in my arms I could not help it. I started crying. We had prayed for her for so long that tears just came so easy. Just like when I held my first grandchild. It was such a blessing to finally see these precious little ones that had gone through so much in their little short lives and had been so close to God. So close that you wonder if they had not actually seen him face to face.

They are so sweet and precious. I held the first little lady and she looked up at me and smiled that cute little crooked smile that little ones smile so often. It just melted my heart. I sat down and fed her. She just drank that bottle like there would not be another one coming. She is so sweet. Then the next little boy woke up and mommy took charge of him, finally the last little guy was up and grandma got him. We had three little ones all changed and feeding bottles, burping and patting everyone on the back. They also have an almost 2 year old and she was running around asking what everyone was doing. What a blessing my morning was. I just felt like I needed to share it.

If you would like to read more about the Roberts family they have a very nice website. You can visit them at: It will be quite the treat to read about them.


Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, the babies are really growing. I'm jealous.....just thought you would like to know!

Maggie Ann said...

What a sweet picture and post. So sad about the little girl..we will meet her in glory some wonderful day!