Wednesday, January 25, 2006

January 25th, 1964...Yes that would be 42 years ago today my then boyfriend and now husband and I were walking down the aisle and saying "I do" to each other and promising to love each other "till death do us part". The great thing about that is we are still keeping that vow!! Many in this crazy world of ours are not doing that and cannot say that they have been married to the same man/woman for 42 years!!
I am so happy that God was so good to me and gave me just the right man at just the right time in my life.
I was only 14 when I first met the nicest looking, shy, best built 'Elvis' look alike that I had ever seen!! In high school the only guys that seemed to be attracted to me were the ones with the big ears or the big tummies. Those that could not seem to get the dates. I never could seem to turn them down. I guess part of me just felt sorry for them.
Then along comes my soul mate. I immediately thought 'what does he see in me' and before you know it we were "going steady"...March 26th 1961!!
He had never really ever dated anyone else and well my experience was never very good either. We started a 3 year dating experience which ended up with a small wedding in Tuscola, Illinois 42 years ago today!!
We have had a lot of ups and downs just like all normal (hm what is normal) marriages. I have had to shut my mouth many times but through the years I have learned that is one of the wisest things to do(good for being a mother-in-law too)..keep quiet. I have learned through maturity and through finding God that my husband is the most important person in my life right after God that is. He is my best friend and the one that keeps me together most of the time. He is my biggest cheerleader too. He is always the one that is standing behind me when I think I am so down and he is always there to pick me up.
I know beyond a doubt that God placed him in my life at just the right time so that I would not go wrong. Other kids were going off to college. I was signed up for college but God had other plans for me. They were getting into some other things and I would have probably followed right along but with my sweetheart he would have not allowed that.
When I was about 28 I discovered that something very important was missing in my life...the Lord Jesus. When I finally took Him into my life and then realized that I needed to grow up and start living a life that He wanted me to live, things really started to change.
My sweetheart and I have raised three great children. Our oldest son is a supervisor in graphic design in California. Our next daughter is a great mother has 4 children and lives in Illinois. Our youngest daughter lives close to us here in Georgia. She has our two youngest grandchildren. We get to see them often. She is a nurse along with her husband.
We have 7 grandchildren and someday...God willing... there will be great grandchildren too. What a blessing that will be!!
Man...42 years!! That really blows me away thinking about it. It will not be long and it will be 50 years!! Wow!! I will really have a time thinking about that anniversary...
For all of you out there that have stuck with it...CONGRATULATIONS!!!! And many, many more happy anniversaries for you too!!!


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Maggie Ann said...

Oh dear, it looks like you have some spam...thats too bad. I haven't had any since I turned on the word verification. I enjoyed reading this post and seeing your wonderful wedding picture. I loved to hear about your life and testimony. Most of us have so much to be thankful for, don't we? How nice that one of your daughter's live near by. (and your grandchildren..we have only 1 grandson..what a cutie) Our daughter is an RN too. What would the world do without the skill and compassion of good nurses. They are priceless in time of illness and crisis, and I know they are instruments in God's hands just as much as Doctors...sometimes more so, to help save lives. I must not forget to say....Wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary!!