Sunday, January 29, 2006

Boy, how I wish that I could blog on here more like my talented friend, Kathy. I am just not as talented as she is. How she comes up with so much to talk about!! Her mind must be running constantly with bright ideas!! More power to her.
Today while I was at Walmart a BRIGHT idea did pop into this lost brain of mine (I blame it on OLD AGE). Pet Peeves. I was politely taking my cart (buggy, whatever you choose to call that basket thingy back to the cart corral). There were only 2 carts in the corral. ONLY TWO!! Walmart was jumping with people, people and more people!! No one gives a rip about doing the polite thing for the next person and taking your "used cart" back to the corral. How hard is it anyway!! Pet Peeve #1.
Pet Peeve #2:
Being late: I have a very, very hard time with people who are LATE!!! They know the time they are supposed to be there and yet they are STILL LATE!! Hm!! That might be your problem..( I forgive you) but it still bugs me to death!!
Pet Peeve #3:
Poor drivers, Here is Savannah they are everywhere, everywhere...they pull in front of you, behind you, they think they own the road and they just let you drive on their road. I come the CLOSEST to losing my temper behind the wheel. I practice my power of patience THE most behind the wheel.
Pet Peeve #4: that you take on but for some reason think that since you volunteered for this job that you don't really have to be there or let anyone know that you just cannot seem to make it. Telephones still work and making that one special call to the one that needs to know only takes about Oh say...2-3 minutes at tops. Hm...anyone ever hear about courtesy!! I was taught that as a young child. I think that is not being taught any longer!! Ya' think??
Pet Peeve #5
Robbery...Yeap you heard me right. We have lived here in Savannah for almost 5 years now and have been robbed 2 times!! My pet peeve is that these people need to go out and get their own jobs and take their own money and buy their own things. Leave people like us alone who have been working for over 40 years trying to make ends meet. They come into our homes under the cover of darkness, take our things and then run away and sell them to others. How mean and nasty is that? How stupid and how lazy!! Again, I think it is in the teaching they DID NOT receive when they were young!!
We were taught to go out and work for what we got. We were taught that unless you did work, you did not get anything!! These people need to wise up and understand that what is ours is ours and they keep away from what is ours!!
This has been like a culture shock for my husband and myself living in the Midwest where things like this seldom happen. We've lived here for almost 5 years and have been robbed twice and have had a big 75 foot pine tree fall on our home!! Hm...WELCOME to the BEAUTIFUL SOUTH!!

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Sue said...

Dear Flip-Flop, Every day when I add more to my blog, I just scan through others to see who is writing what. I ran across yours today and must say I enjoy reading a blog from someone with whom I have so much in common.

Although, it took me much longer to find my solemate. I was 42 years old before I married the first time and we are still at it 15+ years later. No children for me, but Pete, my husband has two from his first marriage, so I have beent their stepmom since they were 8 & 10.

And I love your pet peeves. Several are ones I could adopt for myself.

So hang in there, keep writing. You do have readers!!