Friday, January 20, 2006

I used to be one of the biggest Oprah fans around. I still believe she is a great woman. She is a very giving woman. I was flipping channels and ran into the "Ellen" show. I stopped and watched for awhile and well, you know I got hooked.
She is so funny!! I guess since I have been battling being sick with bronchitis and coughing for the past 6 weeks I need some laughter. Besides I was getting tired of listening to the deep subjects on Oprah's show.
Now everyday at 4:00 you will probably find me at my scrapbook table with my little bitty TV either watching or just listening to the "Ellen" show.
Since I have been coughing and carrying on so much lately I loved what she said the other day about coughing. She said when you sneeze everyone says, "God bless you". But when you cough they try to get away from you, back up and say are you contagious? I have felt that way for so many weeks now. I just cannot seem to get any better. I am so very, very tired of complaining too.
This past Wednesday at church I met a very nice man. Of course, he heard me hacking away. He said that I was coughing up a healing. Well, yes I said I guess that I am but I have been doing this for a long time. It is about time for that healing. He said for me to try to find Buckley's cough syrup. He said it was nasty. If I could stand to take a teaspoon of it that it really does work.
This morning I had eaten breakfast and got so much stuff in my throat that it made me gag and I lost my breakfast. I decided right then and there that I was going to find that Buckley's stuff.
On the side of the box it reads: "Back in 1919 my dad owned his own drug store in Toronto, Canada. In those days, pharmacists would often make their own medicines. A lot of Dad's customers were looking for a cough remedy they could count on, so they asked him to come up with one. Dad gave it a lot of thought, and after a great deal of trial and error, he came up with Buckley's Mixture. It was a big hit in the neighborhood, because it was sugar-free, alcohol-free and it wouldn't make you sleepy. The one problem Dad found was Buckley's unique taste. Dad described it as 'brisk', but to be real honest, it tastes real bad.
Remember two things about Buckley's Mixture. "It tastes awful, and it works".
This was written by Frank Buckley and is on the side of the box.
I came home and took one tsp and he is right. It works and it does taste very, very nasty!!!
I just thought I would write a commercial for this nasty stuff in case anyone out there is having the same problem that I am having. They do have a website. It is
Remember to hold your nose and swallow quickly!! UGH!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you miss "Walking Commerical" glad you found something that works...I've been coughing for the last 6's finally getting better. I can finally sleep through the night. If my comment doesn't work right click on comment and another window will open. Miss you

Mama B said...

Ellen is very funny!! Looks like Oprah has some competition. They air at the same time here.

I can just see trying to give my kids some of that buckleys. 2 or them are coming down with the sniffles which always leads to the nasty cough. Hey, but if it works, I'm willing to try it......on them!! :)

Enjoyed reading your blog

Maggie Ann said...

I am not an Ellen fan or an Oprah fan but am glad to hear that you found something to help you get over your cough. It's miserable being sick.