Saturday, December 10, 2005

On Thursday night of our visit to California we went to Valley College to be shuttled to CBS studios to see the sitcome, "According To Jim" being taped. I was so excited because this way you really do get to see some stars. It is free to go also!! We got there and had to go through security just like you do at the airport. I was smart and did not take my purse.

The MC/comediene was Mark Sweet. He was there to keep the crowd going and the laughter going. He would do tricks and bring people up front and do things to them..mostly embarrassing things. He would throw candy to the audience (us) and give out mugs and T-shirts.

It all began with Jim Belushi coming out and saying Hi and playing his harmonica for us. He was very nice and approachable. I think he would be great just to go out to lunch with. Each of the stars came out and waved then went back to get ready for this 1/2 hour taping. We started around 7:00 and we left around 10:45..It took a LONG time to do 30 minutes of taping.

In front of you all of the different rooms are laid out just like you see on TV. We could see the kitchen the best. When the scenes were done in there it was great for us of course.

The episode is about Jim asking his wife to re-marry him after 15 years of marriage. It should be on in about 3 weeks or so.

It was such fun to watch them tape about 3-5 minutes and we had to laugh...then they would do some scenes over and over again until they got it like they wanted it. You had to keep laughing like you had never seen the act before.

During the breaks we did get a 1/2 sandwich, cookies, and a drink. Mark Sweet kept giving away the freebies but never got over to our side. He just kept leaving us out all of the time. I think he was too "into" the VIP people that were there.

I really did enjoy it though. It was quite an experience. I would love to go back again and see some other shows.

The green picture that you see at the top is the script that Jon got. He just sort of ran into a woman handing them out so he ended up with one. Lucky Jon.

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