Saturday, December 10, 2005

The next night Friday we had planned to go back to LA and into Hollywood and see the taping of "Two and a Half Men". I had really wanted to go see this one so was again really looking forward to it.

We were told to park at the Warner Brothers Lot and then were shuttled once again to the Studios. This time Warner Brothers Studio. We had to walk a little ways to get to it. Again, when we got in we had to go through security. We got in and of course had to sit on the same side as before.

Right away I saw the SAME MC/comediene...Mark Sweet. Oh great!! He would ignore us again tonight just like last night! He was walking through the audience and saying...hope you have a good time tonight...remember to laugh!! Ha!! He came over to us and I decided that I did not want to have a night like last night. I proceeded to tell him that he had ignored our whole side last night at the taping of "According To Jim". Since of course he is a comediene he said he would give us our money back..DUH!! It was FREE!! I told him that he never gave us any of the freebies or threw any candy our way even though I had stood up and yelled at him. It was like we were just not there.

I had worn my new green sweater that should know that small bit of info.

He told me he would make sure that I got some candy...I did not want that stupid candy..I just wanted him to know that we were there too.

The show started with the actors coming out and saying hi. I could not see them because everyone was standing up in front of me. There was only one scene that looke like it was going to be used and that was way over on the right hand side of us. They started out by saying that most of the scenes had been taped off location..GREAT!! They had us watch a monitor and laugh at that...then they would play one scene on the stage (where we could not see it)...again we had to watch the monitor. In between the takes, Mark Sweet did his little thing just like last night..In fact, JUST LIKE LAST NIGHT!!

Toward the middle of the taping he hollered that he wanted the lady in the GREEN sweater to stand up. Of course, I knew that something would happen because I had complained...Oh problem. I did and he threw me candy. He is a poor pitcher by the way!!

Mike said when I sat knew that would happen. I said that I did not care. I hated it that he just plain had ignored us the night before. The program was about over and I had not got any of the "good stuff". Course the VIP's again were getting it...Mark asked if anyone wanted a script. I stood up waving my arms and trying to get his attention. Well, the lady in the green sweater...DID get his attention. He said come quick if you want this script so over I ran. He gave me a script and a WHOLE bag of 3 Musketeers!! Now as I said I DID NOT want the candy. I just wanted my point to come across that we on the left hand side were not "chopped liver"!!! I still am not sure if he got my reason for complaining to him...BUT I did end up with a script so had to say I was happy.

The actors came out afterwards and waved and we got to see almost all of them. John Cryer looks like a nice man. He actually talked to the audience or to the VIP's I mean. Guess we need to see how to be the VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE next time!! Charlie Sheen waved and that was about it!!

Quite an experience and I would recommend that to anyone. Next time I would love to go to a talk show. You can get your tickets free online. Great fun!!

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