Saturday, December 10, 2005

Yes, we are back from California. I know that I have not blogged to let you know about the happenings of the California people. Here goes......................
First of all the California people drive like the devil himself was chasing every one of them. You have always heard about the freeways out there. Well, they drive like they are on the German highway where you can go any speed that you want!! If anyone and I mean anyone does any one thing wrong the cars will just all pile up on top of each other. It is quite the experience!!! (hair raising one)
We got to go to Hollywood where I have wanted to go since I was just a young girl. I have always LOVED the movies and movie stars. (now since I am older, I know those movie stars aren't like they were when I was young and naive)!! Yeah sure!!
Our son took us downtown Hollywood and we got to see the Walk of the Stars. I got so busy with my camera. I would see one star and take a picture and then see another one and away I would go to take that picture. The area where the walk of stars is located is really in sad condition. I think it is too bad. One day they will wonder what all those stars were for..that is if they can find them by then.
We finally found the Chinese Theatre that I had been wanting to see. That is where the Kodak Theatre is and the stars had put their hand and foot prints!! I again was busy with my camera taking pictures everywhere. I loved just being there. We did not have a lot of time to stay because we had to get to Valley College where we would park to be shuttled to CBS studios to watch the taping of "According To Jim". What a night that was......

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