Sunday, December 25, 2005

CHRISTMAS is now over!! The day still has some hours remaing but the big da-do of it is over. The grandkids have made a big mess of "their" house this year (not ours) and all of the wrapping paper is over at "their" house this year (not ours)!! That is the difference this year!!

We decided to go to "their" house and spend the night and be there when they get up and see them open their Santa gifts. It took awhile for them to open all of them. They just want to tear into them so quickly and not enjoy the moment.

As you get older you want to savor the time and not let it just quickly slip through your fingers. We learn as we get older just how quickly time slips away. Like the song, "slip slidding away, slip slidding away," Time has a tendency to do exactly that...slide away!!

We let the kids open everything and we watch. Then it is the adults turn. We sit and quietly watch one after the other open one gift at a time savoring the moment. We have grown up now and want to see if what we got the other one is exactly what they "REALLY, REALLY" wanted!!

I love giving gifts!! It is the best time for me. Oh sure, don't get me wrong!! I love receiving too. But given the option I would rather give than receive. I love watching people open presents that I have worked on. Or seeing them open gifts that I have thought about just for them.

This year I started back at the first of the putting a diamond ring on layaway for my husband. Finally I got it out and was able to wrap it and keep it secret from him. I loved doing that. But I loved watching him open it and seeing him put it on and knowing that it fit and that he liked it. That was like a present to myself!!
Christmas is not really gift giving but if that is what we people in our culture seem to do then I love the idea of giving!! It really gives back to me.

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