Tuesday, January 03, 2006

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Yeap that should be what we are saying. We have been saying that until this morning around 3:30 AM when our front door bell rang. Our neighbor was at the door telling us that our work trailer had just been robbed!! My husband immediately went outside and the majority of our big tools had been taken!!!
This is my husband's business. We have had the police here and are filing with our insurance company trying to remember exactly what was in my husband's trailer.
Our subdivision does not allow my husband's truck and trailer to be parked in our own driveway because of some silly covenant (30 year old rules) that cannot be broken. We knew someday that this was going to happen and sure enough it was this morning!!
Our truck and trailer is going to stay in our drive way and we are probably going to get in big trouble by our association. This time just let them try because we are both very upset and very tired of the whole thing.
We have heard that per capita that Savannah has a bigger crime rate than New York has!! I know that is hard to believe but now since this is our 2nd robbery in 2 years I am beginning to believe it myself!!
My big peeve is that these people pick on people like us that have worked for 40 plus years trying to make a living and now finally are getting along. Now they take from us!! Why don't they go out and make their own money the way we have? Do it the honest way!! I know there is this little thing called SIN!! My husband and I just choose the the other way...the honest way and not the sinful way of making a living!! This just makes my blood boil!!

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