Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Today is Wednesday or in some circles called "Hump DAY". We are over the hump and on the downhill side going toward the weekend. I am not wanting the weekend to come yet although I am missing my home. I still want to do some more things here in California with Jon. We are having a good time here. The weather is great!! The mornings and evening are cool but the daytime is really very nice. I just wore a sweater this morning!!
I have been to CURVES twice now and just loved it. They are so friendly here and I have met some very nice women. I am taking pictures so that I can help our CURVES out in Savannah.
The guys are working on fixing up Jon's kitchen once again. The last time we were here my darling husband and Jon laid three rooms of ceramic. Made his small condo really look nice. Today Jon is getting a new dishwasher and a microhood. Both his dishwasher and microwave are a mess so this is really going to improve his condo.
We are off to Irvine, California whenever the guys are finished to go to the Spectrum there. It is an outside mall, California style. I tried to find a good picture but this is all that I could come up with unfortunately...Oh well!!
Tomorrow and the next day should be fun if I can just get over the ride that I have to take to get there. We are off to Burbank tomorrow to see the taping of "According to Jim" and then the next day to see the taping of "2 1/2 men". We wanted to go to Universal..........I wanted to go to Universal but it is a little expensive right now. We can take a tour of NBC which I thought would be fun. It is a little cheaper to do. I would like to see Hollywood and the Gorman's theatre walk. Jon says that it has gone down hill because of the bums that hang out there. That sounds really awful.
Everyone have a nice day. Keep in touch with me.
Have a good HUMP DAY!!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Hey there Miss Holly Wood....I expected to see a picture of you with your sun glasses. Oh go to Gorman's've got big strong men with you. Take lots of pictures. Have a great time. Kathy