Thursday, December 01, 2005


I hate and I mean hate living out of a suitcase!!! Reasons why?

  1. Where did I put that?
  2. how many times can you pack and unpack this thing?
  3. messy clothes..UGH!
  4. did I bring that top?
  5. Where are my pills?
  6. OOOPS!! forgot to find my deodorant?
  7. Which suitcase did I put that in, anyone remember?
  8. wrinkles and more wrinkled clothes?
  9. did I put my earrings in that little case or in that other one...where is the other one?
  10. When I get home everything just needs to be washed and hung up no matter whether they are dirty or not!!!

HOME is a great place!! It has a closet, drawers and organization!! Ya gotta LOVE HOME!!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Top 10 Reason why living out of a suitcase aren't so bad!

10. In case of fire your can move your whole wardrobe quickly out of harms's way.

9. You can get dressed quickly as you only have 4 or 5 outfits to choose from.

8. Who needs deordorant? You're in California go natural!

7. You can usually get a sympathy outfit out of Mike since "you have nothing to wear".

6. Who needs ear rings with that dazzling smile and personality!

5. Washing all your clothes when you get back is like decompressing..lots of memories with those clothes!

4. Tell people that the "Wrinkled" look is really in in Georgia and they should "get with it".

3. When people meet you they immediately think you are artisty and unconvential.

2.When people find out you are from Georgia they will instantly think of inbreeding and automatically assume you married your first cousin and are incapable of having "any sense" much less fashion sense.

1. You can always tell people that your bag was lost by the airline and they substitued some one else's clothes for yours.

HOpe you are having a great time. Kathy