Monday, October 31, 2005

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I am so busy doing so many things today for other people that I just cannot seem to get the time to sit down and write. Then when I do I wonder...what in my life is so IMPORTANT for me to write about. I am really a very boring person I think.
I am kept busy with my church jobs. Seems like I have a lot of them. Today I worked volunteering at church from 9-1..then hurried home changed into exercise clothes, ran back to church to meet with a young lady from our MOPS group. Another friend of mine came and counseled with her and I took her little one outside in the beautiful afternoon sunshine and played on the swings and with the hula hoops. I hope no one from inside the church was watching. That was probably some site!! wow!! His mommy had a good talk with my friend. We loaded up the car and I took them all home. Traffic was getting heavy but I knew that I had to get to CURVES. When I got there two of the ladies had big witch hats on and a shirt that said..."OFFICIAL Halloween Costumes". They were cute and funny!! I laughed almost all the way around the circuit. There were games to play in the middle and finally I got a 30 minute diva hat to wear too. I am sure that was really something else.
We have so much fun there. You get done before you even know that you are finished. Having fun and laughing what a better way to lose weight.

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Lazy Daisy said...

From the looks of your picture here I think you are exercising way too much! ha!
I must have come across 10 pairs of flip-flops today. One was high heel flip-flops, one had rhinestones on the straps, one was square toed, one pair had a lufa surface. I see flip-flops all the time now!