Sunday, September 11, 2005

THIS HAS BEEN A BUSY SUNDAY!! I have been working trying to get everything done for our pot luck tonight for our small group. All day it seems I have been doing something to get it all done.

Then at 3:00 I had a good experience. I was invited to a baby shower. It was for the nice lady and man that do my nails. They are Vietnamese. We had some food that I had never had before and it was good. I did not eat much at all because of our pot luck but I did try a couple of things. I had Vietnamese jello. The consistency is about the same only completely WHITE. It was very good. I saw a lot of other things that I would have liked to try but I knew that was no way to keep this weight off!!

Helen and Tommy had a stack of presents for their new baby which is due sometime in the middle of next month. She is so tiny but has this cute little basketball of a belly now. I love meeting and learning about new cultures. I just love knowing people of all races and backgrounds.

I have a good friend in New York. She was our first foreign exchange student at our high school. She and I have remained friends for all of these years now. She was such a delight to meet and learn about her traditions. She, on the other hand, had a great time learning ours too.

That was my Sunday...How was Yours?

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