Wednesday, September 14, 2005

BUSY WEEK HERE!! You can tell that Fall has began even though the weather is not at all cooperating!!

It is still really, really HOT here. My computer says 90 right now at 4:00 in the afternoon!! REAL September weather!! ha!!

My schedule has picked up enormously!!! MOPS has been put back into my schedule with meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays, steering team meetings every 1st Tuesday, Bible study every Thursday and being a hostess at church every Monday morning!! My time is limited.

That is one reason I have enjoyed today!! I have been able to get a lot done!! I have accompolished a lot and that always makes me feel GREAT!!

Mike even came home for lunch since (for a change) he is working close by. He worked long hours yesterday so today is so much better for him.

My washing is done, what little pressing I had is finished, errands ran, visited with Tootsie and well things have just been falling into place today!!

I love rare days like this...Don't you???

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