Saturday, September 10, 2005

Boy where do the days and weeks go? They just simply FLY by anymore. Seems like it is always MONDAY...TRASH DAY and then it is SATURDAY..the day I call my parents!! Those days in between just slide by so fast!! Time just keeps slipping by!! With each day we all get one day older too you know!! Dog gone it!! That is not fair somehow!!
Mike worked again this weekend. He is quite the worker. I have married a great guy!! But sometimes he just works WAY too much, me thinks!! I would love to have him home some of the time. Since the time is flying by so fast it would be good to spend some of this "fast time" with my husband.
We were at church tonight as usual. Most of my greeters showed up so I was doing "the Happy Dance". When they all come it makes it so much easier for me. Afterwards we stayed and watched the high schoolers put on their play "The Revolution".
It was about a world of teenagers that had been in a war. The parents had hid all of the kids underground promising to come back and get them when the war was over. The kids finaly decide that their parents and anyone who is going to rescue them are probably dead. They are on their own. One of the kids becomes the "preacher man". He shows the kids the way back to Christ. The girls, of course, are the first ones to realize that they need to get back to praying...I nudged Mike about that time and said, "SEE the girls think of that FIRST"..way to go girls!! Then the guys come on board. They decide to be the Christians that their parents have taught them to be. They realize they are the ones to be the next Christians and to carry on the work their parents had started in them. GREAT testimony for the young people of our church. After all they are our future church!!
Home now...tired...ready for bed!! Just read my friend's blogs so thought I should attempt something too.
Lucy is recovering. Still kind of tip-toeing around. Simon wants to pick on her but we stop him. I think he thinks she is getting WAY TOO MUCH ATTENTION lately!! Oh well...

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