Thursday, September 01, 2005

This 'blogging stuff' takes more time than I thought!! I have a time keeping up!! Between scrapbooking, bible studies, MOPS, greeting at church, taking care of my husband, my two cats, the house, small group on Sunday night, hostess at church, grandchildren, shopping and just general miscellaneous things...I am kept BUSY!!!

When you are young and raising children you think, 'just how can I EVER be busier?' Well, I think that you can!! I love my life really. I do so many things that I just simply love!!

My scrapbooking is just one of my BIG passions!! I have written before that it is my goal to get EVERY ONE of my loose pictures in an album. The others are going to be shredded!! Do you think I can live that long!!?? Well, somedays I wonder too.

Bible Study is another BIG adventure for me!! I dearly, dearly LOVE it!! Learning about the Bible and all of the good ideals that are right in there for our learning just excites me every time that I study!! This great book was written many, many years ago by men that loved the Lord and boy does it ever contain words for us RIGHT now in the 21st Century!! Believe Me!! It is there just start learning.

My Family has and always will be THE MOST important thing to me. God is always first but my family rate a very close second!! They are my heart!!

My church is also very important to me. I believe that in order to be a good member in standing at your church you need to work there. I do a lot of things there but I also know that I am not doing it for people to see or people to comment about. I am there because that is where God wants me to serve him. I am serving others, YES, but I am also serving him too.

So you see my days are full. Thanks goodness for that. I get bored easily so being busy is something that motivates me!!!

Today is My husbands's 61st birthday. I guess that I should have written a big article on will have to wait until the next time I have the time to sit here and write. A BIG article about Mikey will be my goal then......

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