Tuesday, September 06, 2005

LUCY IS GOING TO HATE ME!! Yeap my sweet red-headed cat had her front claws taken out today. She is spending the night at the vet in Richmond Hill. I go to pick her up in the morning!! Bet she is going to wonder what I did to her.

I always hate doing things like that to animals. She had just about scratched our front door to death. It is going to have to be repaired.

I LOVE animals...especially CATS!!

They are so sweet and loving. They have great personalities...that is some of them do...just like people now that I think about it.

We have had so many over the 41 years of our marriage now that I cannot remember them all. Lucy is very sociable and wonders why everyone does not like her.

We had a garage sale this past weekend. One lady wanted to come upstairs and see my COKE things. She started up the stairs and said, "Do you have CATS?" I said yes, "TWO." "Are they BIG", she asked. I said, "well, you know, yes I guess." She about freaked out. She was shaking by the time she made it up the steps. I tried to tell her not to panic. She REALLY wanted to see my COKE things. Man, afraid of two little cats..Oh well...guess there are things that I am scared of too.

Well out of here!! Lucy I will see you in the morning...

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Anonymous said...

Sandy, read your blog site today and very good, I did print it all out and keeping it in a notebook. We are very proud of the things you have to say these days, guess we did not do too bad as parents. Nice to hear you loosing all that weight, you are our daughter and knew you could do it, you are made of good stock. Love you and enjoy your site. love Mother & Dad