Sunday, August 28, 2005

Shopping, Shopping and More Shopping!! Yeap I have had my shopping fix for awhile now!!

Here in Savannah our NEW Michaels store opened today!! Becky, Maddie and I went to look and see what we could get "cheap" for our scrapbooking HABIT!! We found bargains that we just HAD to have!! Now we are ready to scrapbook our HEARTS out!!

Maddie asked her mom if it was okay for her to go with "the girls" today!! She had a great time without her little brother picking on her all of the time. She went all over Michaels looking for just the right flowers for her room. She has dragonfiles and flowers in her room now. You know she is growing up quickly.

We ate lunch out together. Looked around some more and finally started back toward home. We had one more stop at KROGER'S....always need that food you know!!

After grocery shopping we headed back home. Big ole' thunder clouds and lightning were hanging low in the sky. We just made it into my house and it let loose.

What a good day though. I am not very tired from shopping!! You know it takes a lot out of you when you are looking for those CLEARANCE signs and those REDUCED ITEMS sign!! We have taught Maddie to find those for us. She is getting really good at it too.

You have to learn to be a "good woman shopper"...My friend calls it RETAIL THERAPY...Right Kathy!!

Hope you had a good weekend!!!


Lazy Daisy said...

So if I don't hear from you for a while it will be cause you are in the world of scrapbooking? We worked at getting out a prayer letter today. Miss you!

Becky said...

Hey Ms. Sandy -- I got your email and I'll install one of those counters later this week! take care, becky

Becky said...

Okay! It's installed -- it's under the Archives. Click and see who all is looking you up. :)