Monday, September 19, 2005

I am at my church being the friendly, smiling hostess this morning!! I have been studying all morning about a 5 minute talk that I will be giving a week from tomorrow at MOPS.

I have to talk about "Shine as a Woman". I choose to narrow that down and talk about INNER BEAUTY!!

I have three books that I have been going through all morning trying to come up with exactly what I need to talk about. I have some ideas but now need to get home in front of the computer and start typing out my ideas.

I have found some really good ideas from these authors...incidentally they are all women..Who better to write about being that special woman that God wants us to be.

Emilie Barnes writes in her book, "The Spririt of Loveliness" about a woman that she knew. Her name is Bonnie Green. Here is the excerpt that she especially loves.

"It is the glow within that creates beauty. People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle like crystal in the sun. At night they continue to sparkle only if there is light from within."

That is what I want to get across to these MOPS moms. It is an everyday step by step process that we go through as Christian women. Emilie Barnes also says, "Almighty God is our guide and shepherd and will give us the spirit of godliness to complete the spirit of loveliness in our lives."

She goes on to say that we must learn to change what God wants us to change and learn what he wants to teach us.

Now that I have all of this material...How can I get it all together and make it fit into a 5 minute talk? Hmm.. I don't really know but that will be my next challenge.

I have also been reading Barbara Johnson. I like a little humor in my talks. I don't want them to be dull and mindless...If I can help it..I mean!!

Barbara Johnson is a really funny Christian author who tells it like it is..She says, "God Don't make No Junk." Course she is meaning us as Christian women. He can work with us to make us what he wants us to be. I am still trying in that process and I know "That God isn't finished with me yet."

So that is my TODAY!! Right now anyway!! If anyone has any ideas about inner beauty or some words of wise advice....let me hear from you.

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