Friday, September 16, 2005

FRIDAY!! the end of the week and almost the beginning of the weekend!! These days are flying by so quickly once again!!

Today was a good day for shopping with my daughter. We found some good bargains. I love finding a good book that was $19.00..marked down to $15.00 and there for me to buy at $4.99!! Yeap my favorite!! I have so many books to get busy and read now. I have one going at all times. I love reading. You learn so much from it.

It is still miserably HOT here. This has been the LONGEST summer of heat!! I always thought that I loved being warm but I have changed that view!! I need some cool air!! I never knew how much I liked wearing jeans and sweatshirts!!

My husband is working another weekend. I really do not know where he gets his energy!! I just do not have his get up and go. I wish that I could find that poem about "My get up and go has got up and went". That would be perfect for me now. He just cannot seem to be home on weekends. People want him there when they are ready so that means weekends I guess.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. It is going to be ME and my cats once again....Oh well I could be alone!!

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