Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Have your children when you are YOUNG and can still be awake!! PLEASE take this old lady's advice...OKAY!??? I have been with a LOT of small children today and let me tell you...I am POOPED!! I feel like I have been drug into a small tube and then pulled back out the other way!!! I need to sleep!! I just CANNOT and I mean CANNOT take these little ones anymore!! I quit!!

I thought once I became a grandmother that I would just watch the kids a little when I wanted too and that has mostly worked out just great!! But now having to watch kids in a nursery at church...NOPE...won't do that again!! Too much.

I really envy those "older women" who can still do this and just love kids so much...It is not that I don't love children, I really do...but not to take care of for any long period of time!!

My grandkids are great kids!! I had Garrett this morning and then this afternoon. We walked to the park (in this god forsaken HOT weather here) and played. We threw pinecones at each other like bombs. We had fun!! The heat was enough to do you in. Finally we walked back home and had to get in the car and go pick up Madison at school. She only got to stay for a little while after snacks and a couple of computer games.

Well now that you know I am POOPED...guess I will go do the dishes!! Work never ends, does it???

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