Saturday, September 24, 2005

Another step in childhood today!!

My almost 7 year old granddaughter lost her first tooth today!! She is just thrilled because she was one of the last "hold outs" in losing teeth. Most of her classmates in 1st grade had already lost their teeth so she felt like she was behind in this great event.

She has a nice tooth fairy pouch that her Great Grandmother in Illinois sent to her. She has a neat place to put it tonight under her pillow. Tonight the "tooth fairy" will be visiting her home for sure.

Kids now a days get a lot of money for these small gems we call Baby Teeth!! If I got a quarter I was they get those long green kind of money...called bills. I guess with time inflation takes over even when it comes to BABY teeth..Hm!! Mine come out all by themselves. Shouldn't I get something if I put them under my pillow?

I am old. I deserve some money under my pillow!!

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