Tuesday, September 27, 2005


You know sometimes they can be very boring!! You get up at the same time, you eat breakfast at the same time ( eat same thing), brush your teeth, watch the same TV show to see what is going on in the world...Oh he died today...too bad..I always liked him. My he was 82 years old!! Gracious!! Time is flying by.

Go exercise..around and around at CURVES. You go in and start bouncing to the music. Some more ladies come in and it gets more fun because NOW there is someone to talk too..if you can hear them!! You trudge around each set and about 1/2 way through you are so tired that you feel like you need to scream. Most of the people know me there...so they know it is time for her to YELL!!! I am dripping sweat by this time and wishing that I was dead...well almost I mean. Finally you realize that you are finished...YEAH!! Time to go stretch. You get on the floor and stretch. Hmm..anything else that I can do while I am down here? Time to get up off of that floor and trudge home to get some things done...Well maybe?!!

When I feel like my life is getting a little too normal then I remember when I was working and how I wished I could be anyplace but where I was. I then think would I want to be back in that cycle of life again!! NOPE...not in a million years. I was in a job that was very stressful. Now I am in more control of my life.

I really know, though, that I am NOT in control of my life. My God is in control. I am so thankful for a normal everyday life. Maybe some people wish that they had my life. Who knows!! I am relatively healthy and am very happy!!!

I have a wonderful husband who works way too hard. I love the phrase, "Marriage starts falling apart when a man is working too hard for his salt and forgets his sugar." Our marriage is very strong but I think the phrase is nice.

I have great children and wonderful grandchildren. A wonderful Dad and Mother who live in Illinois. My family is the greatest!!

I just need to understand what G.K. Chesterton wrote:

"Here ends another day during which I have had eyes, ears, hands and the great world
around me. Tomorrow begins another day. Why am I allowed two?"

Great way to end today!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Whoa....look at you getting philosophical! I'm impressed! Your life sounds pretty good to me! Want to trade? Kathy