Thursday, August 04, 2005

"WAG YOUR DRAGON TALE"....boy, you are saying, she is out on a limb tonight. No, not really. Yesterday I went with my daughter and her two children to the Civic Center to see "Dragon Tales" live on stage...The four tickets that we had were that is one good reason to go. Between you and was the only good reason to go!!

What is Dragon Tales? Hm...well let's see. For kids only!! Really!! There were little kids running all over the place. You could see some dads but mostly moms and grandmas with little ones. Cotton Candy was being sold plus little stuffed animals of dragon tails and mostly anything else to get your money.

We had pretty good seats on the floor on this big auditorium but even at that I am still glad that the tickets were FREE!! Hmm...

It started out with 4 adults that well, you know must be getting a really good pay check or they just simply like to stand up there and act silly for a bunch of kids!! I would have to get paid really, really good for that.

They had everyone stand up and learn to shake their dragon tales. One little girl close to us really had it down well. She was shaking pretty well!!!

Kids were laughing and happy all over the place. Now ours!! Well my grandson kept asking, ' when it was over with'...does that tell you anything?? The lights would go down and he would think it was time to go. "Can we go now". So I guess not ALL kids like it!!

We sat through the WHOLE thing...(did I say it was FREE)!!

That was yesterday!! So now you know what Dragon Tales are...Only for little children...but better if they are FREE!!!

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