Tuesday, August 02, 2005

RAIN!! My how I love just watching it come down!! It is pouring right now and God is really letting us have it....So happy for that.

RAIN to me is soothing. I like the fact that it is cleaning everything off..almost like new again!!

RAIN is loved by my flowers I am sure!! They must love being nice and soaked and taking it all in after all the VERY HOT weather that we have had here.

RAIN Lucy our cat is sitting here in the window beside me just watching it come down. She has no fear of the lightning or the thunder. She is just enjoying watching.

RAIN you know there was no rain when God created the earth. WOW!! That would have been depressing. But then again, they had never seen it and did not know what they were missing. Noah soon found out what it was and the rest of the world found out...Can you imagine seeing water fall from the heavens and realizing that you had no place to go...can you imagine realizing that you should have listened to what that mad man Noah had been telling you. No place to run and hide!! Boy! Just thinking about it gives me the chills...Then after the water came from the heavens, it also started coming up like fountains from the earth itself. Just try to picture what that would have looked like.

RAIN now the frogs in the creek out back are happy!! They are making that really loud noise that they seem to make most nights but tonight it is wet. They really, really like that!! The noise seems louder.

RAIN source of our lives!! God knew what to give us.

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