Friday, August 05, 2005

RETREAT WEEKEND....I am a Mentor Mom for our MOPS organization at our church. In case you don't know what MOPS is Mothers Of Preschoolers. I am supposed to be one of the ones with some wisdom SINCE I have already made it through that horrible "terrible" time in my life.

The older I get the less I remember!! God is good you know!!

I am going with my other mentor mom friend this afternoon. We take food and plan this next years MOPS meetings. It is usually fun especially when we go out to the Camp to stay. I am trying to take good foods because it seems like that is all everyone does is eat and eat some more. Since I have been losing weight I don't want to sabotage myself this weekend.

Today I am trying to get my washing done and just be ready when my friend comes. I am so tired from yesterday. I had my two grandchildren. They were very good but I am just too old anymore I guess. Plus I always try to do WAY more than I should!! Just part of me I guess.

So...this is ME signing off...getting ready to go to the woods...

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