Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This is my brother Ron's 57th birthday today!! I never thought that he would actually get to be this age. He is as close to my age today as he ever gets.

I am the oldest!! GREAT!! Being the oldest is not what it is cut out to be ....honestly!!

Ron has always been the one to fight with...it seems!! I think that we get along pretty good anymore (course he lives in the South West and I live in the South East)!! That could have something to do with it!! Hm..now let me think!!

I remember the day that he was born. My great grandmother was at our house taking care of me. Mother came home with him. Wow!! was my life about to change.

He was fine as a baby and little boy. He was always hiding behind Mother's dress tail. That is when housewives wore dresses all the time. He seemed to always be afraid of anything that was outside of that security area. He was a little light blond boy and fun when he was that age.

One time though I remember quite well he was throwing a hoe around his head someway!! He was not very old and now that I think about it I wonder how he picked that big hoe up!! But he let it go and it landed the pointy edge in the back of my head. I don't remember much after that but Mother said she saw me and fainted. I must have had a very hard head because as you can see I am still alive to talk about it.

A few years after that I gave it" all" back to him. We loved cowboys and Indians. One day we were chasing each other through the house...in the back door and out the front and around and around!! We had our cowboy hats and guns. They made the guns then out of something pretty hard. I thought I would see if it really worked like in the cowboy movies. They took hold of the gun and hit people over the head and they would fall right down. I grabbed the gun and tried it and guess what... it works...On little brothers well!! I don't remember what happened after that incident either...Probably a good spanking...which I deserved.

Ron and I have fought over the years something awful. Our last "knock down and drag out" fight was when I was about 17...He won!! I am so glad that is all over with. We were awful and I wonder how our parents put up with it all. What a pair we were. Dad and Mother, we are both very sorry!!

Well I have said all of this to say...Happy Birthday little Brother, Ron and many, many, more to come!! I am too far away now to hit you over the head with a gun...you are safe!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you Miss Thing....good post, sure to embarass your brother and make your parents wonder how you both survived childhood.....Kathy

Anonymous said...

Sandy I am glad you finally admitted that you hit your brother Ron. I remember very well, I had to take him to the Dr, as he was bleeding and I did not faint, but I sure did get sick. Thanks Sandy
I also remember I had to take you to the Dr also when he hit you with the hoe, I got sick that day too. You know who I am.