Thursday, August 25, 2005

August 25, 2005...this would have been my grandmother or as I called her Mom's birthday. If I have it figured right she would have been 100!!!!....So it is very fitting that I write something about her today on my blog.

Mom never wanted to be a grandmother (or so I have been told, she was not that old) when I came along a different name had to be chosen. MOM was the name that I guess she chose. I think at first she did not much care for me and then really made up for it almost going too far.

My earliest recollections of her would be standing in front of her front door with my little red suitcase asking to spend the night. I remember the door opening with what seemed to be a lot of men in her home. They picked me up on their shoulders and got me some chocolate milk. I am sure that most of them were friends of her husbands so probably pretty drunk.

Mom never married the greatest of men. She just did not pick her husbands well. If I am right she was married 4 times. I have one memory of my real grandfather. He had red hair. He was mean to her and beat her up. She managed to have my mother, Jeri and her brother, Bill. Through very hard times she kept her family together.

Mom was a beautican. Then you only made very small amounts for hair cuts and perms plus unlike today you also worked long hours. (I wish she could see what we pay today!! ) During that time she met these other men that turned out to be the same type of man...drinking and wife beating.

I came into the picture when she had married the final one. I used to stay with them a lot and go many places. I was very spoiled by both of them. A fact that I am not too proud of as an adult. I was just a kid then and did not know any better.

I have seen things that I should never have seen as a child. Like the times he would get drunk and beat Mom up. I remember that too much even though I try, those scenes still play in my mind. We would always try to get her to leave. After what seemed like many years, we did get her to leave him.

What a mess so much of Mom's life was. Even today I hate it for her.

Mom had so many great things in her life though. She had family that adorned her and still do to this day. She was very pretty and also very kind. She tried so hard to make things work out.

I told her once that I would sit on her lap until she was 100. Well, Mom if somehow you are listening or watching us...Now is the time for me to sit on your lap!! I think that I am going to be way too heavy for about you sitting on mine!! DEAL??


Anonymous said...

I am sure Sandy if Mom were still here she would be very proud of you and your brother Ron. Yes she spoiled you, but you are a great person today. We love you just the way you are. You are both good Christians and that we are very proud of today. I like what you wrote about my Mother, she was very special to me. Love Mother

Lazy Daisy said...

Nicely done! I'm sure she is watching you even now. What a nice tribute to your grandmother. Kathy