Friday, August 26, 2005

It is no one's birthday that I know about today!! Just another ordinary day of going with my husband to have a nuclear stress test at the cardiologist's office.

They took him back and missed those BIG veins that he has in his hands then finally decided to go with one in his arm...He came back protesting to me that they had started his "stress test" off with enough stress...missing his BIG vein!!

We sat and waited and then he went back for his first test!! He came back, sat some more in for another test...You got it... this happened about 4 times.

Finally he was released and off we went. He had not eaten in a LONG while but first we had to stop and see where our daughter works.

She works at the hospital in an area called the PAD!! They have decorated it with FROGS to keep up with the name "the PAD". She was just hanging out when we arrived. She introduced us to her co-workers.

Next stop...something to eat for my weary walker!!

The tests come back sometime on Monday or Tuesday. Now we have to wait to see the results. The technican said that everything looked fine to him. We are hoping that is the Good News!!
Maybe God did not give my husband the heart that he gave to his father!! We are hoping for great results!!

You know MEN. They think that if nothing is wrong why try to fix it!! I just wanted to MAKE SURE...good and sure that everything is OKAY with him.

I know you have a great heart, MY DEAR!! Why would I have stayed married these many, many years!!???

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