Sunday, August 07, 2005


I just got off of the phone with my dad. I called to wish him a happy 87th!! WOW!! 87...He says he never thougth that he would live to be this age...but that he would be turning 17 next year!! SURE..DAD!! 17!! Don't think that works anymore...just like me...40...that does not work anymore either!! Just a wish that will not ever come true!! :-)

I was trying to remember my earliest recollection of my dad. The furthest back that I can remember would be on the farm in Murdock. He was a tenant farmer then and worked all of the time. My brother and I never saw him much but I do remember he would come home at lunchtime. After lunch he would lay down on the floor by our pink ( was all kinds of colors) round floor fan and take a nap!! He would rest for a while and then get up and go again until it was dark.

My brother and I did not know how hard or how long he worked then, but now we understand, of course!!

We did not have much that I remember now, but that never seemed to matter to us as kids.

Dad would make things for us like a tree swing, stilits, (sp) kites and just whatever he could think of to make for us.

We did not have gobs and gobs of toys like everyone has now. We mostly had to make our own and use our imaginations to do the rest.

When Dad was home seems like he was washing the car, mowing the yard or just keeping busy. If he wasn't busy he was taking a nap...which now I see he really deserved!!

Funny as a child, these things don't seem important. When you become an adult they are VERY important!!

I remember Dad when the tornado hit our house too. The noise woke him up first. He went downstairs to check things out in the dark because the electricity was off...He stepped in water and realized that he needed to get us out of there.

We all got in the car and went to his dad and mother's home in Tuscola.

The next day we found out that the roof had caved in into our diningroom.

I remember Dad milking too!! He would sit on a 3 legged stool and milk our cows. The kittens would all line up around him and he would occasionally squirt milk into their mouths. There they would be all around him with milk running off their chins..Ha!! How cute. I can still see that picture in my mind.

I wanted to just celebrate my Dad today with this little blog!! I know I am not the greatest of writers but he is the greatest of DAD'S...thanks for being my Dad...I love you!!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

Aww, great tribute to your dad and what a delightful memory to pass on to your children, and grandchildren.....YOU Go Girl!