Monday, August 01, 2005

I am just a social butterly, like my good friend, Kathy would say!! I was invited to go "back" to the TEA ROOM in downtown Savannah again!! My, I really am popular!!

A friend of my daughter and myself invited us to go and celebrate her daughter's 6th birthday..I never turn down going to the TEA ROOM..NEVER!!

Today I tried a new tea too...Winter Soltice!! It was good, but I still LOVE Emperor's Bride the most!!

The picture that you see if of my photogenic granddaughter, Madison!! Isn't she just precious!! I think so, but then again I am very predjuice!! She was all dressed up in her very finest and looked so cute that I just had to share this picture!!

We had fun, ate, drank tea and then went to Forsythe Park so that the kids could play for a while. The weather was "just a little bit" cooler today but still HOT enough.

What fun Savannah is...I am enjoying living here. I would never have learned how much fun it is to live someplace else if it had not been for my daughter and son-in-law. They moved and asked us to come along!! What a good decision that has been. I miss the rest of my family terribly but I am not young anymore and knew that I needed a change. I think sometimes we all do.

Come visit anytime and I will take you...gladly to the TEA ROOM!!



Anonymous said...

Hello Sandy,
I just finished reading all of your Blogger & really enjoyed it!! The pictures were great, too!!
Just wanted to say hi, it's almost bed-time, you know me. Love ya bunches! Bonnie

Becky said...

Hey Ms. Sandy! That's such a great picture of your granddaughter. I miss the tea room so much. Take care!

Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you.....Miss Thing. You're Blogging! I could smell the tea! What a good post....I think I'm jealous of your gorgeous grandchildren and that you're having too much fun without me!