Sunday, July 31, 2005

We have a red kitty cat and her name is LUCY!! Mike named her because he thought of Lucille Ball and thought that since they both had red hair that LUCY would be a great name.
Our neighbor had found her at Ft. Steward in Hinesville. She was a stray. She was sent to Ft. Hunter here in Savannah where my neighbor found her.
She was so irrestible that my neighbor just had to bring her home. I had heard that she had a red cat so thougth I would just go see....always a BAD idea!!
We have a cat named SIMON. He is a loner and I thought it would be nice if he had someone to play with.
I went to see LUCY and just fell in love with her. How sweet and cute. We decided to bring her to down to our house and see how she and SIMON would get along. Well, she sat right down in our living room like she was home. She was alreadythe boss!! No doubt about that!!
Finally, after trying to convince my neighbor that I would LOVE to have her, we brought her home. Since then she has been the QUEEN of this house.
She has to be and I mean HAS to be in the middle of everything!! She thinks that she needs to know exactly what is happening no matter whether you want her there or not.
When I am trying to read, write or study she is right there on top of the book, on top of the paper or anyplace where you can easily see that SHE is there!! She is quite the HAM.
She will lay down and roll her eyes at you like, "hello, I am here, adore me". What a cat!!
As you can see by the picture she gets hand fed every morning by the BIG ADULT that lives here in the house with me. He and LUCY eat breakfast together every morning while the OTHER adult (me) sleeps. She is absolutely SPOILED!!
So who is the QUEEN in this house...certainly not me!! I wish I could get this great treatment from that other ADULT that lives in this house!! Hmm...Not any time soon I doubt.

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