Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yesterday was my lost day and today added on makes it my LOST weekend!!

Yeap another that I thought was under control but it is back. So medication and yet another nap!! SNOOZING all weekend. I guess I need to get to the doctor soon and find out WHY this awful things want to plaque me so often!! I am really getting down because of them.

I haven't seen my friends much today because they have been off to church and visiting small groups and yes..eating again. Kathy says she will never eat again but the next day comes and she is back to meeting people and ...Yes eating again!!

Mike and I have been home all day today. It is boiling hot so guess it is the BEST place to be.

"No place Like Home"
Tomorrow is lunch here at our restaurant with two good friends. That should be a HOOT because one is as much fun as the other. I think I will just lean back and watch the action.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day....So Miss Scarlett O'Hara always said!!!

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