Saturday, July 23, 2005

My lost day...........Yeap it has practically been a LOST DAY to me!! Have you ever had migraine headache? Well if you haven't, just count yourself as very lucky. I woke up with one this morning and made the mistake of going ahead with my life and going out to breakfast. Our family loves breakfast!! We go sometimes on Saturday mornings. We had planned to go to our favorite place...Cracker Barrell. I tried..but OH did I get sick!! Not a good thing!! I ended up in bed for most of the morning and also this afternoon for an hour or so. I wish that the Devil would just leave me alone. He seems to do this to me on Saturdays when he good and well knows that I have church in the evening and I HAVE to be there to help with the greeters!! The DEVIL is like that you know!! He loves to get us where he knows that our HEARTS are....

Better this evening but hope that dreadful thing does not come back again. UGH!! Not a great way to spend a weekend.

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