Friday, July 22, 2005

Well here I am!! This is my first attempt at blodging. I cannot believe that I am actually doing this. You should have seen the troubles that I had trying to get just this FAR!!!

I kept typing in a cutezy name and trying to be as creative as I can be...then it would say "already taken"...Okay... I would try another one...It was "already taken"...So finally after 4 attempts my friend Kathy and I just gave up and went onto continue!! There were all of my blog titles. We had created 4 blogs...Like as IF I need that many!! Ha!! I will do well with just this one...hopefully!!!

So here I am wondering if I will be able to do this. My life is really not the most interesting life in this crazy world...but it is MY life and I love it. Just to let ya'll know I live in the South. I have wanted to live in the South all of my life!! In high school I read every book that I could get my hands on that had ANYTHING to do with the South...civil war; southern ladies; magnolias; slaves; hoop skirts; Atlantic Ocean...well you see just about anything. I would walk from class to class carrying all of my books and have my nose in the middle of "Gone With the Wind". I was very good at it...reading and walking that is. I just loved reading about people helping the slaves escape through the Undergroud Railroad. What fun!! I would have loved to have been a part of that. I would have been one of those who helped them for sure.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures that I hope to attach. Did you see the word HOPE!!

So far I have not had much luck...BUT with a little help I hope to get this all figured out before my friend Kathy leaves and heads back to Virginia.

You might be wondering what flip flop floozie has to do with me. Well here in our neighborhood my friend, Tootsie and I have been trying to get our neighborhood ladies together. We started out with a TEA here at my house and from there on a couple of ladies have hosted it in their homes. We are having another one soon. This one is called a FLIP-FLOP party. Since I have been seeing nearly "everthing" in flip flops lately I just decided that it would be a good name for me. So see now you know!!

How is that for my first attempt!! Maybe I will learn and keep getting BETTER!!!!


Becky said...

Hi Ms. Sandy! Have fun blogging. :)

Email me if you need me to tweak anything else on the page.

Lazy Daisy said...

Yea Sassy're on line girlfriend! Great start, keep at it. Just think of it as scrapboooking on line! Kathy

Becky said...

Good job mom! Keep up the good work you floozie! ME

Becky said...

Oh, I forgot you had your own Becky in your life, too. We Beckys rock. :)