Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FRIENDS...what would people do without them? Well, I guess some people do just fine but not me!! I have always been a "people person". I need other people in my life.

We moved away from our comfort zone about 4 years ago and moved here to Savannah. I was so very, very lonely. I needed friends. We moved into a GREAT NEIGHBORHOOD!! I just love it here...so finally friends started popping back into my life.

So many now that I am so very blessed with all of them. I left some great friends back in Illinois but with modern technology I can talk to them online or email every day.

I think God put a special spot in my heart for others. I am usually drawn to people that in some way I can either help or just get to hang out with them. What a blessing!! Friends everywhere!!

I think that someday in Heaven there will be so many people that I have met over the years that our parties will be wonderful. We will be able to sit and relax and praise God together as now FRIENDS FOREVER!!

Boy, doesn't that sound wonderful.

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