Thursday, July 28, 2005

Skinny Fingers!! My friend Kathy told me that I should tell everyone about my skinny fingers!! She is of course kidding.....what that really means is that yesterday I went to the doctor and his WONDERFUL scales told me that I have lost 6 lbs in one month!! I guess Kathy thinks I might have lost it in my fingers!! Well, they are the smallest part of me!! I have a small nose, ears, fingers and all I need is to work on the other parts and life would be a much better place. Especially when I want to buy clothes!!!

I have one store and really ONLY one that I can ACTUALLY buy clothes that ACTUALLY fit and its name is something to be desired!!


Now how flattering is that name!! "Oh yes, honey, you like my clothes. Where do I get the DRESS BARN!!!" ( I go to to a BARN for clothes)..sounds like I should just go to a Tent and Awning Company!!

I am not that BIG...really!!! I keep telling them at the "DRESS BARN" that they need to change that name also they need to get NEW designers for their Mature Women's clothing line.

How many BIG mature women with BIG mature bodies want to wear STRIPES going around; BIG colorful FLOWERS, or Bright colored Pants with a BIG Flower on each cheek!! NOT I!!

I figure that some man...whoa ladies...decided to do the designing for us greatly endowed mature women. He uses the petite, cutzy, material for the little ladies on the OTHER side of the store and gives us the left over non-flattering materials. I would love to find that little man that is sitting and designing or sewing those clothes and tell him right where to put his great ideas. Or better yet...maybe he would like for ME and some other of my Mature friends to design something flattering for HIM!! Yeap now that sounds like a GREAT IDEA to me!! Ha!!

How many want to come along with me!!??????

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