Thursday, November 05, 2009


This Saturday one of the several TV stations here in Savannah is sponsoring a shredding day!! I love these events. You can clean out all of your old papers that you have been collecting and saving for years. Take them to the site and right there they shred them for you. I think it is great because it helps with others trying to steal your idenity. You can take old computers and they will wipe the hard drive clean. Then the computers can be given to people who really need them.

Mike and I have to get rid of a lot of things whenever our BIG move comes!! We went through our big 5 drawer file cabinet. We tossed and tossed papers into a big plastic bin. It felt so good to do this!! We have been carrying around from home to home old papers that we "think" we had better keep when in reality we really do not need them. Most everything is computerized anymore..any why keep all of this "STUFF" and clutter up your life.

After we went through and cleaned out I thought to myself how good it makes me feel to un clutter things. I know that these papers are going to be shredded into little bitty pieces and will no longer be a part of our lives. As I was thinking about this whole process, it made me think that this is what our God does for us.

He takes our poor broken lives and takes our sins and "shreds" them into little tiny pieces and forgets them forever. I can go on from day to day knowing that He knows me and loves me but also knowing that my sins are forgiven and taken away...What a relief it is to know this about my God and also about myself.

Just like all of those old statements, papers, old paid bills and old checks...they will soon be gone and no longer in our lives. That part of our life is past and done with...I just felt like for some reason that this was freeing for me!! Sort of like losing weight...taking something away!!

Maybe this sounds crazy to you but some of these papers were ones that weighed Mike and I down at one time. Now that time is past and they are gone..never to be remembered...RIGHT!! If we have salvation through our Lord and Savior Jesus, then our sins are all gone and never to be remembered again too...YES!! FREEING!!

Things have been good lately!! Only shown our home twice so far but that is twice. Our fliers out front just keep leaving so i guess that is a good thing. We just pray for God to show the right people to come by and buy our home. I know that i am going to have to move...i really do not want too..but sometimes we have to do some things that we really do not want too. Change is good and i have always been able to adapt and i will again.

Went yesterday to see Michael Jackson's "This is It". We all really liked it. When it is over you do feel sad to see such a vibrant man that was so good with his music to be gone at such a young age. I recommend it IF you were a fan of Michaels!!

We are experiencing such beautiful weather here in Savannah. The sun is wonderful and it always makes me so happy here.

Hopefully everyone is blog land is doing great too!! I wish that I could get around to all of your blogs...I would love to be able to do this...

Oh, remember Sammy our cat that was lost but now has been found?? I go over to the house where he is staying every day and feed him. They are not feeding him any more and trying to make it so that one day I will be able to bring him back here..Home. We are hoping that before it gets too cold that we will be able to do just that.

Thought for the day: "The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."--- Hans Hofman


Needled Mom said...

I can imagine how good it feels to purge all those papers. We need that here. LOL

Denise said...

Oh I need to get rid of some stuff... I keep things far too long......

Hootin' Anni said...

What a concept!!! I like it.

Tho, Bud and I burn ours in the fireplace. LOL

Sandy B said...

Everyone could use some un-cluttering, both inside and out. Life is good!

Susan said...

I LOVE that picture of decluttering and it's relation to our faith lives. I have missed being over here. Bringing our new LG into our lives has been busy...but fun. I hope to be more regular again now.



Boomer Pie said...

Outer order contributes to inner calm. That and make your bed every day!

Mary said...


I enjoyed your post and like the way you compared shredded paper to how God shreds our sin and forgets it.

I'm still praying that your house sells all in God's perfect timing.

Wishing you a great week.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I have a big clean out once a year and get old papers shredded and sort out things for a garage sale or to take to the markets to sell. It's a good feeling, decluttering.

Good luck with Sammy. I hope he comes back to live with you.

Have a lovely weekend.

Denise said...

Oh the Lord has told me to simplify .. and that is what I am doing.. Cleaning out... Throwing away.. Letting the sun shine in!

Just coming by to send hugs....