Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long time no blog!!

Yes, that is certainly me!! I just do not seem to have time for everything anymore. I thought as you age that you had more time!! SURE!! That is a big lie right there..but then again keeping busy is a good, good thing.

First I was so busy crocheting purses right and left!! Now that has all stopped. Over the years I have done little side jobs like crocheting and found out that I earned just enough money to do with it what I wanted. This time I saved along with my purse money and bought myself a new laptop!! I am so so happy with it..BUT let me tell you what happened before I got HAPPY!!

I had researched all kinds of computers. I knew what size of hard drive I wanted and how much off I went looking!! I found a Sony Vaio that I really liked (it was pink)!! Smile. It had 4 gb of memory and the hard drive was the size that I thought I it had Windows 7!! I wanted to advance and go from my XP to Windows 7..thus passing VISTA!!

Mike and I went in and looked at BEST BUYS last Friday the 13th!! (That might be why) Any hoo I found a GATEWAY that I thought looked good..price was decent...I bought it brought it home and was doing great...until I realized that it was VISTA!! I did not want that..but I thought..WEll I can live with this..The computer started shutting down all on its own..THAT IS NOT GOOD for a new computer!! Finally after working with it going down and the mouse on the pad was just awful..kept going its own way, I got angry and took it back to BEST BUYS!! I told them to keep this not offer to fix it and give it back because I did not WANT IT!! I went and picked up that SONY VAIO that I had wanted in the 1st place and got it...Now my little computer HEART is happy and so is the computer!! It is GREAT!! The difference between the two computers is just like night and day!! I am in Computer HEAVEN now!! Smile!!

Also our son Jon went to Columbus, Ohio to interview for a job with Abercrombie & Fitch. He lost his job about 3 weeks ago in California!! He had 7 interviews yesterday. He has the job!! We are so happy. Now if we sell this house here in Georgia and move back to Illinois my kids will be close to us again!! Makes this mom a happy MOM!!

We are still working on getting our lost cat Sammy back over here to our home. I go outside and yell for him and he comes galloping to our house. He is a big guy!! Really grown up to be a muscular cat!! Still cannot believe that we found him after 5 long years!!

Our life is going along pretty well right now except for me not feeling too well. I had an ultra sound of all my organs and that turned out really well. (they said that I have good looking organs)!! I have been having pain in my side and thought it might be my gall bladder...turns out that is fine. Now the next tests are not going to be that easy. I am looking at a colonoscopy and also an upper GI test. Wish that they were over with. Please pray that if they find something that it will be easy to deal with...

Mike's job has slowed down. This is a little sooner than usual but we are just taking each day as it comes and hoping that all works out!!

I wish that I could say I would get around to everyone, but that might not work!! I miss ya' all a lot...I can try...



Baba's Special Babies said...

Wow.. I am your first visitor today..I am excited for you getting a new the Sony the small one that is 8 inches wide?? I bet it is cute and the pink color sounds great!!!

I have recently had the two tests that you are facing..the Upper GI barium swallow is an easy one ..and the Colonoscopy is easy while you are asleep, but not fun the day before the exam..the doctor did not see any polyp{s] on my exam... I will see him in 6 weeks to discuss my results...Good luck with your tests!!

I am happy to hear that Jon got a job in wonderful to be near all of your kids soon..everything happens for a reason and plan from above!!!

Have a fun day and enjoy your new toy.. Hugs, Barb

Needled Mom said...

Those upcoming tests do not sound like fun at all. I hope that if they find anything it will be minor.

Glad you are enjoying the NEW new computer. I am sure it will give you many hours of enjoyment.

I suppose you can deal with the Illinois weather if it means being closer to the kids. Hope the house sells soon.

Melli said...

Well YAY for Jon! That is good news! And it WILL be nice to have all your kids nearby when you move back to Illinois! THAT is a plus!

The upper GI is not a bad test. I've had that one and it's pretty easy - ya just gotta drink that ucky liquid chalk - but other than that it's okay. And of course... you knOw what the colonoscopy is ... it is what it IS! LOL! I'm avoiding mine! hehehe...

Congrats on the Laptop! I have a Dell with Vista since April and have not had a BIT of trouble with it. I am blessed.

Saija said...

yay for the fun of new computers!!! i will have to think about it someday soon ... mine is working great - but it is 7 years old - and that is almost ancient in computer years!!

so good to chat with you! next time we should do the video chat ... :o)

i haven't blogged in a month now - me, who would compose blogs endlessly in my head - hard to believe!!!

may the Lord bless your weekend and all that you guys do!

Denise said...

Congrats on the new PINK PC....... I so love my laptop...... and as for the two test coming up..... Piece of cake.......... I have to have a Colonoscopy every three years due to rectal cancer in our family and I have to have a GI scope every 18 months due to my esophagus having to be stretched out......soooooo you just do not give them one thought and you will be fine....... I will be praying for you.....good to see you here...

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. I'm happy you have good looking organs...mine are too! I had a U/S a couple of weeks ago because I have a new doctor and she is thorough! Makes me very happy.

Congratulations to your son on getting that job. Here's hoping your house sells soon.

Computers! I had to buy a new one, too. But I'm happy with hasn't got Vista...thank heavens.

Glad to hear all is relatively well with you. Take care.

Hootin' Anni said...

Glad to see you posted Sandy!!!! Hope the computer continues to make you happy.

Lazy Daisy said...

Doing a happy dance for Jon. So happy for all of you. Gotcha all prayed up for your tests. So glad you got the computer of your dreams, and pink at that. Love to Mike! Miss you.