Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday Grands, Curves, knitting and orchids!!

Pretty rough going for Garrett

Hello!! I have been busy once again working and running and in this heat too!! WHEW!! Nuts I know!! Oh well!! NUTS is fun!!

The other day my grands stopped by when I was working. Garrett (our 8 year old) said, "Grandma those machines look easy!!" He knew if he said that I would show him. (Kim if you are reading this..I was with them all the time!!)

Garrett struggling!!

Anyway...He tried and could not make them go like he "thought" he could!! He pushed and tried and tried. Maddie (she is 10) tried and did a great job!! That little girl has the muscles...Since Garrett was having trouble I asked him to get off so that I could show him how to do it!! He watched for a few minutes and then said, "WOW, You are SUPER GRANDMA!!" Funny!! Love what kids say...they always say what they are thinking!!

Maddie doing great on the machines!!

We have been doing a lot of things. We have decided to take Dad and Mother back home on the 18th of this month. We were going to wait until the last week in July but that was because we were going to our family reunion. There was not enough interest this year so it was cancelled. My dad is ready to go home so we are planning to leave on that date....

I just hope that Mother has received some good R&R while here and that the doctor appointments have helped her. We have tried.

Today our granddaughter, Emily, is having a MRI. She has found out what is wrong with her hip...She has extra bone on her hip which is pinching the tendon that is giving her the pain. The bone makes the tendon tighter. She is going to have to have surgery. They will go in there and grind the bone down and put in something to keep the bone away from the tendon. The doctor said that she probably will have arthritis in her hip when she is older. Thank goodness she is so so small!! We don't know yet when the surgery is. Have to wait to find that out!!

Emily (17)

Mother has a birthday this coming Monday the 6th. I have been trying to think of something unique and think that i have found something...cannot tell you because she reads gone it!! Anyway, I found orchids at the shop in Savannah Mall at a really good price...If they die well then I did not spend a bunch for just one!! I bought two of them..One for Mother for her birthday and one of course for this old lady!! They are gorgeous. I took Mother out there today to show her the pretty orchids..Here is a picture of her under one of them..

Mother at the orchid shop today

Mother has also been teaching knitting. A friend of our daughter came over the other night all ready with yarn and needles..Off they went and she has learned how to make our nice dish cloths that we all love here.

J.J. and Mother learning

Well that is about it friends from here in the HOT South east!! Wow!! It is really boiling here.

We are taking Mother out tonight for her birthday so that our daughter and family can go too. They are taking off for Myrtle Beach Sunday so wanted to take Mother out before they leave!! So better get around!!

Take care...

Thought for the day: "It's important to have a twinkle in your wrinkle!!" I so agree!!


Zaroga said...

Great post, Sandy. Wonderful grandchildren you have. I will keep Emily in my prayers. Happy Fourth! and Happy birthday to your Mom!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful grandchildren. I certainly hope the surgery will provide Emily some relief from the pain. Your Mom is adorable and I love the orchid. Please wish her a happy birthday from me. Hope you all enjoy dinner and have a grand weekend.

Melli said...

LOL! My kids used to come in and try the machines at Curves too! You know, we had a couple of kids not much older than Maddie that were clients. I think at 12 we started taking them -- she's almost there!

Your mother just amazes me - she really does! You are sO blessed! SHE is so blessed! Goodness, I hope I'm like her at her age! You're going to miss them when they go home!

Denise said...

I will be praying for dear Emily.

Julie said...

Tell Garrett I laughed when I saw that picture of him. He is so crazy. Em has one more MRI on Monday then we will know more about when surgery is. She wants to get it done b4 school starts of course.
Happy 4th!!!!!!!!!!!

Needled Mom said...

A child would think those machines are easy. LOL

Sorry to hear about the upcoming surgery, but what a relief it is to find out the reason for the discomfort.

Baba's Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, wishing you and your family a happy 4th of July!!!We will be celebrating the day with all of our neighbors with tons of food.

I hope and pray that Emily will have her surgery correct the hip and her pain..she is just too young to have joint problems..

Wishing your mom a special "happy birthday" on Monday...I am having my car serviced Monday morning and will be late going to Curves...

Enjoy your day... hugs, Barb

PEA said...

Happy 4th of July to you and yours, dear Sandy! I do hope you've been having a fabulous day celebrating:-)

Kids always think things are easy to do...until they try it! lol Garrett will have to build a few more muscles before he can make those machines work! hehe

Oh dear, Emily is so young to be having problems with her hip like that. Glad the doctors were able to find out what the problem was, though. Prayers that all goes well with the surgery!!

Love that picture of your mom with the orchids:-) I'm sure your parents have been enjoying their stay with you but then I can also understand your dad wanting to go back home, there's just nothing like your own home! xoxo

Saija said...

hope you guys had a wonderful birthday supper ... Happy 4th of July!!!! big ((hugs)) ...

also hope to hear good news about Emily soon!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I do hope surgery will provide Emily with some relief. She is so young and it seems a shame to be burdened with hip pain at that age.

That's a lovely photo of your mom with the orchids. I can see your likeness to her. Hope the heat doesn't get to you too much. Take care.

Deanna said...

Wonderful post! And you ARE Super-Gram! lol
Mary LOVES the orchid store there in the mall! She loves the flowers, but they have rocks, too! Stay cool, Super-Gram!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Will be remembering Emily in our prayers. She looks like a sweet girl. I know you will miss your folks when they go home. Try to stay cool. It is scorching hot at our place too.