Monday, June 29, 2009


Many of you responded to my dumpster diving article. Some of you wondered what a SEAT CASE is and I am silly for not letting you know. It is a case where you can put scrapbooking things, yarn or any kind of craft in. It has a long handle that you can pull it with and if you go someplace...Plus if you get there and there are no seats..You can sit on this. The tag on the side said $94.99...WOW!! I got two of them and now wish that I had just backed up my car and got all of them. Oh much for the rules of dumpster diving!! I am just learning the rules!! I am looking all the time now.

My Free Seat Case...
Speaking of good deals again..Which we all love them ..Right? Mother and I went to the Food Lion yesterday morning to pick up a couple of things..(their blueberries are on sale)...We were at the check out and they guys said.."Would you two like some "FREE" flowers?"....You don't have to ask us twice!! I was so excited to be bringing home free flowers. Mother got a dozen yellow roses and i picked out a pretty purple bouquet!! Wow!! We were thrilled.
Mother's Roses

My bouquet
Then yesterday afternoon we went to the mall to look around. I found tops at Penney's and Sears for 50% off. I was thrilled..Love Love Love Bargains!! Guess it has just been a bargain week here..

Mother has been knitting and knitting since she has been here. She makes dish cloths and they are just great for dishes. I can make them too but she can do 3 to my one. I am slow plus my left wrist is hurting. Doctor thought that arthritis in my thumb and wrist..GREAT!! Never ending problems once you hit 50 and on...I am not the best knitter but do like the dish cloths. Everyone does. Tonight a friend of Becky's is coming over to learn how to knit. Mother has taught our granddaughter, Maddie and our daughter Julie this summer.

Today is another HOT day here. You can hardly move and not sweat.

If any of you visit Carolyn in Kansas, I suggest that you go visit her now!! She is having a very bad time...Health wise and I know a visit would really help her right now...Prayer also...

Our youngest and oldest granddaughter's called yesterday. Brie, our oldest, is in camp at the Bill Rice Ranch this whole summer. She is having a great time she said. It was so nice to hear her voice again. Then later on in the evening our youngest, Maddie, called to tell me that a Special Bulletin had happened...She now likes PINK again!! Wow!! I could not have slept last night without knowing that..Smile.

Mother and I have made it our mission to take pictures of all the different colors of Crepe Myrtle here. They are just extraordinary this year!! Beautiful!! Yesterday we found a deep red one...

We stopped and got out in this HOT weather and took pictures. This one was beautiful indeed. We also found a light purple one...Had to find a spot to park but we got it too.

Another pretty one!!

I think we have an obsession with these flowers right now...Love them...Oh well...Hopefully all is well in your part of our great big beautiful world. Look around and see all the beauty that we have and enjoy it!!

Thought for the day: "Life's blessings are abundant when each and every one is not only counted, but cherished."


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to learn what a seat case is - what a useful and great find!

I love your free bouquets - doesn't that just make your day?

The home-made cloths sound very nice. Great that your mom is sharing her skills with so many.

Crepe Myrtles were one of my mama's favs. I saw a deep truly red one last year that sure was pretty. The fragrance reminds me of playing in the yard when I was a kid.

Hope you stay cool and enjoy the day.

Melli said...

That RED one!!! That's the one I WANT!!! Sheeesh... I might need a road trip to Savannah to get it! I MIGHT have to steal THAT one! Remember where you saw it!!! LOL!

When you google Seat Case, you find all kinds of things that are NOT that! LOL! I figured you had found stadium seats and were happy because of the kids sports - to take to set on the bleachers. That's the most popular "seat case" that comes up on google. But what you got is even cooler!

Stay inside... keep cool!

Deanna said...

I Love, Love, LOVE the new background!!! My wordpress one is so blah... I wish I could figure out how to get something like this on mine.
I can't believe you found that stuff in the dumpster! Too weird, but good for you!
We were away for the weekend. Hopefully I'll get it on the blog soon!
Have a wonderful week, heat or no heat!

Denise said...

Well aren't you the little miss "find the good sales and free stuff" Smarties Pants Good for you and I love the seat thing..... What a good idea! AND I love to knit but have not knitted much in years......those dish clothes are the cat's meow (where did that come from ) I love to keep them handy to wash dishes with....the cotton ones are so nice...........

Well stay cool and enjoy your day!

And enjoy those free flowers...... ( I could use some flowers today)

Zaroga said...

Thanks for showing me what a seed case looks like. I had googled it and came up with so many different things.

That is nice that you and your mother are bloom hunting. I can't wait until the trees in our yard bloom. I see them all over town blooming and get so jealous :-)

How wonderful to get free flowers. I miss Food Lion. Harvey's carries some of their brands, but it still isn't the same.

Have I told you how much I like your summer background? I like it a lot :-)

Denise said...

Such lovely flowers.

PEA said...

Oh yes, I have seen those seat cases and always thought they were a great idea! Why would someone throw them out, though, when they're brand new?? It was your good fortune to get a couple:-)

It's not everyday you get free flowers as well! hehe I remember being at a store shortly after Mother's Day one year and the manager was going around giving every woman a bouquet of red roses...I got one too:-) He said they were leftovers from Mother's Day and instead of throwing them out, he decided to give them away!!

I love those knitted dish cloths and wish I knew how to knit! lol Every year when my mom would go spend winters in Florida, she would bring some back for me that an elderly lady had made:-)

Omigosh, those Crepe Myrtles are absolutely gorgeous! We don't have them here so it's not a flower I'm familiar with. Wish they would grow here, though!!!

Enjoy the time with your parents:-) xoxo

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Sandy, Look at you Miss Thing! Looks like dumpster diving is paying off big time. Love the pictures of flowers. We had Charlie's Kansas Kin in all last weekend. We had a family reunion at the Nest. Miss you.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. Gee I could do with a seat case like that for when I go to the markets. What a great idea. Good for you finding them.

Well done on the bargains and the's always nice to get something for nothing in this day and age.

I have that lovely deep pink crepe myrtle growing, too. It's such a beautiful colour.

Take care and glad to hear your mom is enjoying her time with you.

Mary said...

Wow Sandy, you've been getting deals left and right this week. Good for you. Bargains are always welcome.

Beautiful flowers and I'm so glad you heard from your graddaughters. Hope you had a great day.

Mary said...

Yeah for you!!! I love good deals too!
I sure do love your new look and background!!! Have a nice 4TH!!! Hugs Grams

Sandy B said...

Pretty flowers...and free seat cases. My, oh my! Lucky you...