Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Once again

Maddie and I goofing around at Claire's!!

This Thursday is a lot nicer than last week at this time. We were having Noah's Flood for sure plus remember I locked myself out of my car in the rain!! DUH!! That is me in a nut shell..always doing something stupid!! smile!!

This Thursday was our last study in Daniel and I really will miss it until this coming Fall then we will be starting a NEW study!! Wonder what God has in store for us? That is the exciting thing..waiting to see!!

Yesterday i got my folks out and we ran all over the place!! Got the car's oil all changed and it also got a good bath and a good cleaning on the inside too!! Took a little ride downtown Savannah and showed off our pretty city..cobblestones and all!! Did you ever ride in a car on the cobblestones? ROUGH is not the word..Bouncy maybe!! After that we ended up at my nail shop or I mean NOT mine but the one that I go to..Tommy and Helen. Mother wanted Dad to get a I thought I need one too so Dad and Daughter had their toes all prettietty up yesterday!! I got my favorite..."I'm Not really a Waitress" OPI color and Dad opted out of polish (good for him)...

Dad & I relaxing...

He will be 91 in August and had never done this before. Mother and I had gone last Thursday and she got her first one now they can say that they have had a pedicure. Now I need to get Mother to have a massage...she has never had one of those either!! There is always a first time!!

After the pedicure we stopped at Sonic and got a Creamy Strawberry Slush!! Yummy!! Pretty good stuff!!

We were gone about 4 hours and I think I pretty much wore both of them out!! I know that I did because I was worn out too!! Smile!! Our daughter and kids stopped over to visit with us after school making it a good day!!

UPDATE: Hubby is finally getting work!! He is getting kitchens again!! We are so happy about this..There just might be a light of finances at the end of the tunnel!! We have just put this all in the Lord's hands. I have learned that God is in control and He will take care of you..Continue what you have always done and just don't worry!! Hang in there and in time God shows you that He was always there whether you knew it or not!! I think that He has taken us through this to teach me a that I hope I remember!! Mike is happy to be back at work too. I think that he will always have to do something to keep himself busy. In a few days he will be signing up with Medicare..WOW!! He will be 65 in September...We first met when we were both 14 and now here he is pushing 65!! That is a lot of years to know one another!! But some of the best years of my whole life!! Thank you God!!

We have also taught Dad how to bowl with the Wii. You should see him. He finally made 2 strikes and a spare and was so proud of himself!! He thinks that he cannot learn anymore well we just proved him wrong.

That's it..You are now caught up..Aren't you just thrilled? I have so missed talking to so many of you...Hope all is well in your world...



Zaroga said...

I enjoyed every minute of the catch-up!

Denise said...

Wow, sounds like a really awesome day sweetie. I enjoyed the pictures.

Melli said...

Well it IS so good to see you! Even once a week is more than I see of our dear Daisy anymore... LOL! But I take this as GOOD news - she must be feeling so good she's too busy being busy to be a LAZY Daisy anymore! :)

That is AMAZING that you got your Dad into a pedicure chair! There is no way Dennis would do that! Not a chance in the world! Will you get MIKE there next? I don't think these men know what they're missing!

You and Maddie know how to have fun! That's a cute picture! I think this time with your parents is doing you ALL a world of good! And I am sO HAPPY to hear Mike is getting work again!!! That is the BEST news!!! Thank you Lord! AMEN!

Deare Diary said...

Sounds like you are making some real special memories with your parents.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your parents. Enjoy them as often as you can.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Wow Sandy, there's no catching up with you. I love that your mom and dad are willing to try new things...isn't that wonderful? I admire them so much because they remind me of my mother...she never says no to a new experience and she is 90.

So happy to hear Mike has got work again...just shows what faith will do.

Have a great weekend.

Decadent Housewife said...

Wonderful that DH is getting work again. Maybe things are turning for everyone?

And the rain is here now. Have a nice weekend.

Technonana said...

Oh Girl, we sooo have to have our nails done together, that's my color too!! How funny is that??
Glad you had a great day with your mom and dad!!