Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday Scavenger Hunt

This is a picture of our 4 granddaughters back in 1999!!

It has been weeks and weeks since I played this game but i thought this morning that surely I could muster up a picture that represents 4!! FOUR is the word for today!!

Course now the girls are: L-Right Emily (now 17); Brie (now 19); Katie (now 15) and Madison in the front (now 10)...they have all grown up so quickly. To me 1999 was just the other day but of course it was now 10 years ago!! My seems so funny to think about that but it was...

They are all growing up into the best young ladies!! We love every one of them too...

Not much going on in our household today...we are both a little lazy!! Hm!! Getting old is a hard thing...My knees are still hurting and gave me fun during the night...Mike is sore from working two straight days..stiff in his legs and back too. I still don't understand how he does such physical work!! But he continues on and on!! Like I told you...he reminds me of an energizer bunny!!

It is another dreary day here in South Eastern Georgia. We are all so used to the sun and so when it hides well it makes me a not so happy girl!!


Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Nancy said...

A great picture for #4, and such a cute picture. It's hard to believe how old they are now! It's dreary and cold in NC too. Spring can't be far away!

Melli said...

That's a cute shot of the girls! I have Dennis's cold now -- and I am miserable. Now Mom is starting to cough too. UGH!

You know... my knee has quit bothering me altogether. It felt for a LONG time like I had pulled something in it... of course, I'm as bad as men about getting checked, so I just let it go and let it go... and now it's gone! I guess THIS time that wasn't a bad thing - saved us some money! But I don't recommend it. I DO hope that your knee heals though without need for anything. Mike, on the other hand - well - you guys have known for awhile that he needs something done about his knees... I hope it all works out for both of you. You're in my prayers.

Smilingsal said...

I'm missing some visits from you. Drop by my blog, and thereby visit the Sunshine State!

Denise said...

May God sweetly bless your granddaughters.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Beautiful granddaughters, Sandy. I love my grandchildren. They add another dimension to your life, don't they?

Sorry to hear your knees are playing up...can't be very pleasant for you. Hope all comes well for both you and Mike.

Take care.

Heart of Rachel said...

You have beautiful grandchildren. It must be rewarding to watch them grow into wonderful individuals.

Zaroga said...

The girls are beautiful!

We've had fog/smoke every morning lately. We had some rain during the night and hopefully more will fall today.

PowersTwinB said...

I think your four are beautiful! I havent been around in awhile, but missed your site allot...Welcome back to both of us for the Photo Hunt! My hunt is up, please come and visit

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
What a cute picture of your four granddaughters! I'm sure it seems like those ten years have just flown by :)

Mary said...


What a lovely photo of your granddaughters. They are all beautiful. I'm sure you are very proud of them.

My knees gave me a lot of problems last night and I'm not sure why. Lately they've been better thanks to the ibuprofen and Pennsaid.

We had a lovely weekend here. The weather has been beautiful and it's to be nice all week with the exception of Wednesday when it's supposed to rain, but temperature-wise, it's going to be great.

Take care and drop by for a visit when you can. I hope the pain in your knees subsides.


Anonymous said...

Funny! When I first glanced at the picture I thought the one on the far left was Becky, then Julie, then my Luke in the bibs! i didnt know who the other was but for sure thought this was a 30 year old picture. Come to think of it now,,we didnt know you when Luke was that little,maybe when he was 4. Wow! That was weird! Cute pic tho. Judy B.