Friday, March 13, 2009

Dreary Friday

Boy, it is a dreary Friday here for sure...I think we have rain coming and that is a great thing anytime here in Georgia. Right now it is a wonderful thing because it should wash off all of this yellow pollen that our wonderful PINE TREES are shedding right now.

I ran the sweeper this morning...the yellow dust is all over the place!! I mopped three floors and came up with a yellow mop!! The windows are closed today because it is so much cooler..guess that is good with all this yellow pollen going everywhere...

I know...I have been a very bad blogger lately...BUT when there is nothing to write about what do you talk about? I guess I can say that this past Tuesday Mike and I went to see my orthopedist about my knee. Mike talked to him about knee replacements so the doctor ended up taking x-rays of Mike's knees, x-rays of mine and also sent me for an MRI!! I could have went back the next day for the results but since Mike had to have his results from his x-rays too that makes us go this coming Monday afternoon!! I feel like I have pulled my knee someway!! Feels like a big rubber band is all pulled out and making the right side of my knee swell....We wait and hopefully will know Monday!!

I have picked up the kids a couple of times this week at school and kept them for a bit..Yesterday they stayed about 4 hours!! They were all over the place and I tried to keep a good eye on them.

We have a park just down the street from us and they are ALWAYS wanting to go there..Well with my walking not so good I let them go down there. I sat on the front porch and watched. I saw a man walk up to the fence down there with a real cute fluffy white dog. The kids went right over there and started petting him..I yelled for the kids to come home and to come home NOW!! They obeyed and started running back. I talked with Maddie and told her...You know NOT to talk to someone with a pet that you do not know...or much less go up and pet the dog!! She said that she knew but the puppy was so cute...I know it was probably harmless...but none the less they came home fast and I was so glad that they obeyed..My running down there might not have worked!!

I am still studying "Daniel" in Precepts every Thursday at church and just love it. We are up to Chpt 6 right now. My homework for today was to read some psalms that they picked out and to write down one word that described Daniel...As i was reading they took me to Psalm 20. I kept reading and saw that I had the side marked with...My husband. I thought that I would share these verses that remind me of my husband:

"The purpose of a man's heart are deep waters, but a man of understanding draws them out.
Many a man claims to have unfailing love,but a faithful man who can find?
The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him."
Psalm 20: 5-7

That pretty much describes my husband!! See how lucky I am???

Need to call bellsouth now...I always hate having to do that but Mike's email does not work and I cannot figure it out so off to India I suppose!! Why can't someone here in America who needs a job answer my questions? Hm!!

Thougth for the day: "The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation"--Pearl S. Buck (one of my favorite authors as a high schooler.)


Smilingsal said...

You might remember a few weeks ago when I was having trouble with Bellsouth (now know as AT&T), but it wasn't my email, it was my internet!

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-)

It's sunny here and 24F and I call that a beautiful day! lol It's supposed to be a bit warmer next week so I'm hoping a lot of our snow melts, still tons of it over here.

You could never be a bad blogger...just busy with life:-) I can't visit everyone every day so I've given up even trying, don't need that kind of stress but it figures when I do have the time, my internet goes down! lol That happened a few times this week.

Glad you went and got your knees checked out and hopefully the xrays will show what is wrong with yours.

I don't blame you for calling the kids home when you saw them going up to that man with the dog. With all the horror stories you read these days about child abductions, you can't be too careful. One of the ways these men entice children is by having a pet with him!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo

Denise said...

It is very dreary here in Tennessee today.

Anonymous said...

Nice day here in Illinois, sunny a little cool but not bad. Feeling so much better this evening,hard to believe that one little pill could do so much, anyway, I am happy about that. Hope you get better soon too Sandy, pain is terrible and was tired of fighting it so much. Man alive, I can hardly believe this is happening to me. maybe God thinks I have had enough already, thank you Jesus. Love you and miss you Mother

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm sorry that you're still having some difficulty walking. I hope that the condition of your knee will improve soon.

I understand your concern for your grandchildren. I would have done the same. It's good that they acknowledged your request to go back right away.

You're lucky to have a wonderful and loving husband.

Zaroga said...

I hope they can find out what is wrong with your knee.

Glad the children obeyed.

Love the scripture.

Bellsouth has a help center program that you can download and it spots problems with the internet and email. I'll send you the link later. Its helped me out several times.